Publishing Stories Via Mobile Browser

Publishing Stories Via Mobile Browser

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Stories have been son popular around Instagram users since it started to be used. New features are being including on Stories day by day. Now, there has been new announcement that everyone will be able to publish their stories via  not only app, but also mobile browser. Windows 10 users will be able to use this new feature on their desktop apps, as well. So, it is more simple to publish stories as you don’t need to have app any more.

Although it has been included in mobile browsers, it provides simple features for now. Only photos can be posted and texts can be added. Other stunning features of Stories such as face filters and stickers haven’t been included, yet. And also it isn’t available to post video, yet.

However, it makes us understand that Instagram attach importance to this feature much, as it includes new improvements.

It is still a serious lack that users who can’t use app will only be able to view Stories. As you remember, Instagram allowed Stories to be viewed on mobile browsers last August.

How to Publish Stories via Mobile Browser?

To publish stories via mobile browser, simply enter, tap on camera icon left side of your flow. Then, you can either take a new photo or select a photo from library. Additionally, you can add text and change its colour. You will also be able to save posts to view later on mobile browsers just as you can do on app. You can use icon right side of the screen to view your saved posts.

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Publishing Stories Via Mobile Browser
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