Popular Instagram Apps and How to Use Them Full Guide

Popular Instagram Apps
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Instagram has enough popularity but users use other 3. party application in order to increase usability, so a new area has been created its name is popular Instagram apps.

With its millions of user, Instagram is the most popular one amount the social media apps. It has been one of the most popular apps for a long time. Users can download the app for free, share their photos or like posts of the other users. Instagram is also getting more useful with some apps. Users can use more effectively and have fun with those apps. So, we have gathered the most popular apps of the year for Instagram.


Being one of the most popular apps for Instagram, Framatic lets users make collages which insist of two or three pictures so that they can share a few photos in one post. As there are different combinations of collages, users can create beautiful collages with their imagination and creativity and they can get more likes to their posts. Framatic can be downloaded from App Store and users can add different frames that can give their pictures a different look.


Users are able to share pictures which don’t have the rectangular shape with features of Squaready. They can size and crop their pictures easily with the app. Apart from these, the app consists of many interesting features. Because of that, it has been one of the most popular apps for Instagram.


PicLab is definitely one of the most popular apps of the year. Users can add text to their images as well as they can add filters and masks. Although Instagram includes some filters and marks, users will find much more of them in PicLab. That is the reason the app is preferred much. Besides, users can change contrast, color, and light of their pictures so that they have a better look. We gathered some apps that may be useful. If there are some apps you use, you can write them in your comments as well.

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