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Pinterest Analytics (Metrics & Tools)

Pinterest Business is already one of the most profitable and beneficial social media web sites to grow businesses and brands. Pinterest Analytics is a great feature of the business account. While the majority knows Pinterest Business, Analytics is not known very well and many people have difficulty using it effectively. Here is how to use the platform and a simple guide to use Pinterest Analytics. 

Main Metrics Used in Pinterest 

Like any social media platform, Pinterest has main metrics. Let’s examine the Pinterest algorithm. Learn more about what is Pinterest here. 

  •  Impressions: Okay, what are impressions on Pinterest? It is the measure of how much your pin is viewed on home feed, search engine, and then category feeds. It is a measure of how much time people see your content. Impressions are important because it shows you how accessible your content is. 
  • Closeups: It shows the number of times people tapped pin your content to take a closer look. It can show you what users pay attention to your content. That is, of course, important for content creation next time.  
  • Repins: The number of times people pin your content on their board. It means people use your pin not only because it is interesting but also has value to share with others. 
  • Top pins: The top 50 pins on your profile for the last 30 days. It shows your activity level for the previous month. 
  • All-Time Stats: It shows the popularity of your content starting from the beginning. It is beneficial to see your development on Pinterest. 
  • Demographics: It is information on your audience’s demographic results. You can access statistics on gender, location, and language. This information is beneficial for creating content on Pinterest. 

How to Check Pinterest Analytics

To effectively monitor the performance of your content on Pinterest and refine your marketing strategies, accessing Pinterest Analytics is essential. Let’s learn.

Pinterest analytics overview
  • Start by ensuring that you have a Pinterest business account, as analytics are only available to business users.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Analytics’ section accessible from the top of your homepage.
  • Here, you can explore a variety of metrics divided into categories like Overview, Audience Insights, and Conversion Insights.
  • These tools provide valuable data on pin performance, user engagement, and demographic information of your audience.
  • Additionally, you can track specific goals such as link clicks, save rates, and impressions over selected periods. Utilizing these insights, you can adjust your content to better align with your audience’s preferences and boost your overall Pinterest presence.

The Most Used Pinterest Analytic Tools 

To get more insights as well as statistics on your Pinterest Business account, there are many tools that you can use. 

  • Pinterest Analytics: It is the free feature of the Pinterest Business account. You can see a lot of detailed information about your account there. The dashboard includes three sections: the profile, audience, as well as website analytics. 
  • Hootsuite: It offers real-time analysis, competitor benchmarking, and big-picture analysis supported by Adobe Analytics and Tableau. 
  • Viralwoot: One of Viralwoot’s big offers is Pinterest SEO analysis, which is directly related to your search engine rankings. 
  • Google Analytics: This analytics tool is useful for comparing the effect of Pinterest with other social media platforms in terms of engagement, click rate, traffic, etc.
  • Pin Groupie: It is a great analytics tool to see the most popular Pinterest boards as a list with real-time results.

Conclusion on Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics is important to have a successful business on Pinterest. You first need to know Pinterest analytic tools and learn how you can use them for your business. Also, you need the exact meaning of metrics that are used in analytics on Pinterest. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About

To grow your business, you need to reach as many people as possible. People also need to find your content interesting and valuable to share. Moreover, Pinterest analytics show you how popular your content is and what changes you need to make in it.

Many metrics can be used in Pinterest Analytics like impressions, closeups, and repins.

You can use Pinterest Analytics, which is a free feature of the Pinterest business account. If you want to have more detailed statistics, you can get help from Hootsuite, Pin Groupie, Google Analytics, and Viralwoot.

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  1. Alissa Hewitt
    Alissa Hewitt

    This Pinterest Analytics blog post was extremely informative and helpful in understanding the various metrics and analytics available to track on Pinterest. The post was well-written and easy to understand, making it a great resource for anyone looking to improve their Pinterest marketing strategy. I highly recommend this blog post to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of Pinterest analytics.

  2. Pamela K.
    Pamela K.

    Really helpful overview of Pinterest Analytics tools! I didn’t realize how detailed the audience insights were until now. Thanks for breaking down the different metrics—I now have a much clearer idea of how to tailor my content strategy to engage my audience more effectively.