Parents Social Media Instagram and Photo Sharing

Parents Social Media
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When we talk about old people we thought that they do not know anything about our world but Parents Social Media connection is bigger than we think.

If you are young and are going or are living away from your parents get them on Instagram. If they are already on Facebook (owners of Instagram) then they are almost already on it.

Why would you want to put your parents on Instagram. Well you can send them pictures of yourself or about yourself. It helps them to feel close to you. It will give them the connection they need with you. It will also give you a way of not having them calling or texting you all the time.

If you are on a trip you can send pictures of you eating or being at the hotel so they know that you are okay. Also for girls you can send dad a few pictures of your car if you need some help with a problem that you are having.

Instagram is great for you to get pictures of your parents doing things. This way they can let you know about what is going on in their lives without having to see the look on your face of not really being interested.

Parents Social Media Instagram and Photo Sharing
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