Instagram Profile Picture Tips & Ideas

  Instagram is taking the world by storm, so everyone wants to get some  Instagram profile picture tips. Regardless of if you’re a business owner, a promoter or if you are the product yourself. If you want to make it in the new world, you have to be on Instagram and you have to get attention … Continue reading “Instagram Profile Picture Tips & Ideas”

Does Instagram notify screenshots? 2019

    If you’re reading this article right now, we can imagine what is going through your mind; does Instagram notify screenshots? You may a bit worried thinking about “What if Instagram sent a notification every time I took a screenshot of someone’s picture?” It’s a terrible thought indeed. But is it true?  In this … Continue reading “Does Instagram notify screenshots? 2019”

How to Deactivate the Facebook Account & Erase It

Facebook is one of the leading and strongest applications of social media and messaging. It keeps getting stronger with incorporating Instagram. Facebook has billions of followers and the count keeps becoming more day by day. Even though it is always on the rise, for some reasons the idea to deactivate the Facebook account may come to … Continue reading “How to Deactivate the Facebook Account & Erase It”

What are Instagram Organic Followers

Instagram is raising its follower numbers on a regular basis. This being the case, Instagram is more than just a sharing and posting website. As of late, Instagram is being used for different purposes too. Such as being used by e-commerce intensely.  E-commerce, poetry, abilities, comedy accounts… The sales and hauls that are being made … Continue reading “What are Instagram Organic Followers”

How to get more views on Youtube? 2019

Youtube is one of the first when people think about a video application. It has a dense mass of users. While some people start channels to make money, others start it to show themselves to the public. So when it’s like this, getting views on youtube is something quite important for the channel owners.   … Continue reading “How to get more views on Youtube? 2019”

To View Private Instagram Accounts 2019 (Solved)

Instagram is regularly getting more followers. Maybe the biggest reason for it to reach these many followers is that Instagram values your privacy. Most of the popular accounts are private Instagram accounts these days. Because people feel safe, they can post more and gain more followers. Lately, there’s one topic a lot of people are wondering … Continue reading “To View Private Instagram Accounts 2019 (Solved)”

Voice Messages On Instagram Now Avalaible

Yesterday Instagram revealed a great future to its own messaging app. Voice messages on Instagram is now available. Many users are getting excited about the feature. Let’s see what’s included. Instagram has a great direct messaging service. Since the platform itself isn’t focused on instant messaging users are not having issues to use the feature … Continue reading “Voice Messages On Instagram Now Avalaible”

Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram 2019

On the main page of Instagram are always posts that best meet the interests of the user. To see more new posts, you need to refresh your home page. An issue where it couldn’t refresh feed in Instagram may mean that the user will not be able to access the new uploaded photos and videos. … Continue reading “Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram 2019”