Make Your Own Instagram Logo

How to make your own Instagram logo? Instagram is with you on a new project. This project is designed to help you make your own logo. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Maybe the biggest reason for this is that Instagram is a visual platform. There are always new things being … Continue reading “Make Your Own Instagram Logo”

How to be Popular on Instagram

To be popular on Instagram became a lot of people’s dream and driving goal. This is a topic we talked about before, but let’s keep talking because people are interested in it. Regardless if you have a business or a personal account there, being popular is the key to success. You can find sponsors, get … Continue reading “How to be Popular on Instagram”

Instagram vs Snapchat : Stories War

Instagram vs Snapchat. Or as it called; Stories War. This was one of the social media wars that happened and many people remember it. Now’s the time to go back and review it again. What it was, how it was, why it was, and how it ended. How it All Started / Background Snapchat was … Continue reading “Instagram vs Snapchat : Stories War”

Hashtag Marketing : How to Use

Hashtag marketing is the name of using hashtags to promote and succeed in your social media marketing endeavors. Hashtags represent a very important element of digital marketing.   This symbol(#) is a key signifier of user engagement and a crucial part of all efficient social media efforts. But hashtags aren’t always too easy. Especially for content marketers, … Continue reading “Hashtag Marketing : How to Use”

10 Statistics on Instagram

Let’s talk statistics on Instagram. Instagram is incredibly popular among especially younger audiences and a very strong rival to any other social media platform. Latest stats show us they have over a billion monthly active users. That amount is two times Twitters and over three times of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. We talk about how and why Instagram … Continue reading “10 Statistics on Instagram”

Instagram or Facebook For Ads

  Instagram or Facebook for advertising? Many people think about this, because even though both sites are owned by the same people; there are big differences between them. Especially for businesses. You may be thinking about starting an advertising campaign, and not sure on which website to choose. Then this article is just for you! … Continue reading “Instagram or Facebook For Ads”

Social Media Marketing Tips for Marketers

  At this day and age, social media is the best and quickest method to reach people. It may be about a new product, a new service, it may be about just advertising. It may even just be a person’s ideas. But we’re talking about Social Media Marketing Tips here, so this is mainly for businesses … Continue reading “Social Media Marketing Tips for Marketers”

Understanding SEO and Social Media

SEO and Social Media. These two are directly, intimately related. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means how high or low your website/profile will be shown when people search you on a search engine(Google, Bing, Youtube etc.). Improving your SEO strategy means taking the steps that makes sure your website will be shown at … Continue reading “Understanding SEO and Social Media”