Reach Out to Influencers

In this article, we will talk about how to reach out to influencers. Small businesses are very disadvantaged in general, this is especially the case when it comes to marketing. Your company may not, and probably does not have a huge budget overall, let alone having a big budget for marketing. But if you’re on social … Continue reading “Reach Out to Influencers”

How to Disable Direct Messages

  The goal of this article is to know how to disable direct messages on Instagram. Instagram Direct came around January last year. With this feature, you are now able to send and receive direct messages. We will talk about how to disable this in the article. But first, there’s another feature some people want to … Continue reading “How to Disable Direct Messages”

Find Out Who Unfollowed You

If you want to find Out Who Unfollowed you on Instagram, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can know who unfollowed you on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone starts unfollowing you or stops following you. Usually, the simplest way to find out who unfollowed you is … Continue reading “Find Out Who Unfollowed You”

Who Viewed Videos on Instagram

Can you know who viewed your videos on Instagram? Do you wish to know who has seen your videos? This is also called Video View Count. Instagram is a social media platform that is focused on photo and video sharing. In the photo and video submissions, we can easily see who liked them. But what … Continue reading “Who Viewed Videos on Instagram”

What is TBT on Instagram & How to Use it

What is TBT? TBT stands for ThrowBack Thursday. It’s one of the most widely used acronyms on all social media. What is TBT? ThrowBack Thursday, or #TBT as people commonly use, is the name of a weekly social media posting trend. It’s a hashtag game people from all over the world use, to share and … Continue reading “What is TBT on Instagram & How to Use it”

Instagram Analytics Tools

  With Instagram Analytics Tools, (or Instagram Analytics) there is a new advertisement world on Instagram.  Social media tools, in general, are on the extreme rise, with technology becoming mainstream and common.  Instagram coming up with new updates and features almost every week at this point. They also have Facebook’s support as most of you already know. … Continue reading “Instagram Analytics Tools”

Instagram Effects – Part 1

  Instagram Effects are great tools to use in order to make your photos/pictures look better. More aesthetic they look, more attractive they are. More attractive they are, more attention they will get. Which means you’ll get more likes, shares, and reposts. This is the Part 1 of a series, there are many effect/visual apps … Continue reading “Instagram Effects – Part 1”

Record Earning from Instagram Photographer

If you’re a working photographer and you’re considering if you can get an earning from Instagram, then certainly you’ll love this article. For there is incredible potential on Instagram. This photographer is a great example of how to make it using social media. Brooklyn-based photographer Daniel Arnold proved this a couple of days ago. He … Continue reading “Record Earning from Instagram Photographer”