The Easiest way to get Instagram URL

Instagram URL is not something users will need so much but when it turns to download a photo from Instagram the thing has started to change. As social media is so popular, there are many social media platforms today. Although many of them so popular, Instagram is the most popular one among the other social … Continue reading “The Easiest way to get Instagram URL”

How to Turn on Twitter’s New Night Mode

Recently, smart phone makers and popular social website began to pay attention to your eyes and your overall health. Apple, for example, introduced the Night Shift to play around with colors to lessen the strain on your eyes. Android phones have similar feature. Like YouTube, Twitter introduced the Night Mode so that you can follow … Continue reading “How to Turn on Twitter’s New Night Mode”

Massive Followers Matter in Instagram

That’s why brands and companies chase users with massive followers to make the influencer marketing. Also, you can inspire change among your followers. In short, the more followers you have, the more social and financial benefits it brings. Here are some of the benefits of having massive followers: You can make money As mentioned above, … Continue reading “Massive Followers Matter in Instagram”

Know Your Limit in Instagram or Instagram May Limit You!

When you set up your Instagram account and are ready to fire up, keep in mind of your limit! Otherwise, you may soon be in a sorrowful situation since Instagram does not hesitate to punish you for overhyping! There are set of rules in Instagram as the social network wants to have a clean and … Continue reading “Know Your Limit in Instagram or Instagram May Limit You!”

15 Hottest Models on Instagram

You may love to follow coffee or book shops or nice city views. Nevertheless, who can say ‘no’ to these hottest beauties on Instagram? Kendall Jenner She is an American model and television personality. She has more than 96 million Instagram followers. Cindy Kimberly  She is is a Dutch artist and model with over 4 … Continue reading “15 Hottest Models on Instagram”

Two Ways to Send Self-Destructing Photo on Instagram

More and more, Instagram incorporate Snapchat’s features into its ecosystem. After introducing Stories, Instagram allows sending self-disappearing photos to your friends. Users can send a disappearing photo or video either as a group or individual message. When someone opens a disappearing photo or video you’ve sent them, the message is no longer visible in their … Continue reading “Two Ways to Send Self-Destructing Photo on Instagram”