Instagram Carousel Ads Coming To Stories

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First stories ads made almost a year ago and now Instagram announced new ad format for stories. New ad format is so familiar for Facebook users. Because it comes from Facebook Canvas ads format, and its name is Carousel ad.


Social media giant Instagram has 300 million daily use according to last November statistics. That huge number of use makes app developers happy. Because they can make more money if they can reach more people in the app. But how are they going to make more money with a free app? Of course, ads will help from there.

Social media apps usually free for everybody. Free apps just only can make money from ads that’s so clear to understand. But they must always increase their usage numbers for much precious advertising price. Last year Instagram announced stories ad and powerful brands made really quick ads for their potential customer’s stories.

Firstly stories ads are expensive than other ad formats such as normal post ads and influencers ads. That made but businesses so timid for new ad format but in time they also joined the game.

Instagram Carousel Ad Format

New ad format allows using more media material for story ads. With a carousel, users can make video and photo and posts at the same time. Users like GAP and other big textile firms can reach their potential clients with these media formats in carousel ads.

Also, advertisers can use GIFs and other Instagram stories tools in their ads. About to new Instagram ad format, Susan Rose who is the manager of product marketing said ” It’s a feature that was requested from businesses and advertisers, given the power that they’ve seen through organic stories with multiple pieces of content”

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When people asked her “ Why three pieces of content, not four or five ?” She answered, “It just a start.” So we can make “Instagram can allow more media content for one ad in future” inferences from here.

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Instagram Carousel Ads Coming To Stories
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