Mute is On! Instagram’s Best Personalizing Updates

Mute a person or a post is the most desirable Instagram updates and at last it is here we have power to mute an account or a post it is easy and usefull and also muted account does not know this.ü

With this new updtes you hide a post, a user, a story or all of them at once all you need yo do is click on the post and see options.

This updates will personalize your explore page also you do not have to ban the users that you do not want to see anything about them. You also can mute a hashtag thus you will hide all post about that hashtag.

when you mute an account, a post or a story you can stil see the posts, stories or the user but you have to visit the profile you will not see them in news feed.

One of the best part of this updates is the users will not be aware of that you muted them.

As all updates you have the options to unmute the posts, stories, hastags or users.

If you want to mute an account there will be 3 dots (…) click on them and see results, you can choose whether mute post or user.

In March, Instagram introduced changes to improve your browsing experience in feed and make it more fresh.

Instagram also heard that you want to understand how feed works, so Instagram updated its Help Center to give us a better sense of how it’s ordered.

Instagram is aiming to make feed the best place to share and connect with the people and interests you care about. Mute will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

But after you mute a user in time s/he will decrease the attention to your posts and you will need more engegaments according to new Instagram algorithm about news feed.

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Mute is On! Instagram’s Best Personalizing Updates
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