What Is Microblogging? (+ Popular Microblogs)

What Is Microblogging? (+ Popular Microblogs)

There are plenty of online terms, and each day we learn a new one. You might know what blogging is about, but have you ever heard the term Microblogging? Probably not. What is microblogging? What is the difference between a regular blog and a microblog? Read our article to find out these answers.

What Is Microblogging?

Microblogging is a unique form of blogging on the web. The difference between a standard blogging service and microblogging is that microblogging is not about going deep into the topic but giving the news within a short time and without the great effort of all kinds. These are shared with friends or the general public. The microblogging services usually offer users a limited number of text characters. The users can write their content or tweets within these limits and thus use the service.

Compared to blogs, a microblog’s most important feature is to share content with others almost instantly. While writing a good blog requires at least 600-800 words, each Tweet that you post on Twitter, one of the most popular microblog services, is limited only to 140 characters. Microblogs, which enable people to share what they are doing fastly with others, are primarily used by professionals for information and news sharing. The fastest information sharing platforms in the world are microblogs.

Being able to update yourself with limited content in a few sentences, and to use it easily with mobile devices such as mobile phones, allow the content to spread quickly.

benefits of microblogs

How Does Microblogging Work?

Within the microblogging services, users can write short text messages that are structured similarly to the SMS texts. These text messages are then displayed chronologically on the homepage and can be read by other users. However, bloggers can decide which posts they want to make available to the entire community and which should only be displayed to friends. They can also send these text messages privately to other bloggers. Microblogging services are particularly popular because these short texts make them very suitable for use on smartphones or tablets. If the microblogging platform has this feature, users can also use hashtags to search for specific keywords and, thus, reach a larger audience.

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What are the Best Microblogging Platforms?

Now that you have the essential information about microblogging, let’s talk about which platforms are the best for this. You probably heard some of these platforms or might even be using them. Let’s start.


The most prominent microblogging service is undoubtedly Twitter. Since the platform works as a real-time news center, news spreads like wildfire via Twitter and can be carried around the world very quickly. This shows that microblogging services contain short text messages, but on the other hand, they can have an incredibly large message value. This is how microblogging contributes to the modern information society.

Twitter is a social network and microblogging site. Twitter, which allows its users to write texts of 140 characters, is a new generation communication tool that can be used more effectively with various devices.

Since its development in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has increased its worldwide popularity day by day and has become known as the SMS (Short Message) of the internet world with the possibilities of the programming interface of the applications it contains to send and receive text messages. Even the English Dictionary added the word “Twitter” to the English language.


This platform called Plurk defines itself as “an attractive and pleasant site that allows you to share the events that add taste to your life with delicious and digestible text messages and to follow the events of valuable people for you.”

It is an exceptional microblogging service that offers some useful extra features over twitter. Again, with the limit of 140 characters, it allows you to share what you are doing, your feelings, pictures, and videos. It also lets you discuss with your friends on these entries.

All your entries (plurks) appear on a timeline and visitors can have a different experience by moving this chart back and forth.

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Jaiku allowed its users to speak more closely together. It enabled the development of applications with the Jaiku API, as well as online status sharing, instant message, and text messaging over the internet to communicate with people. Jaiku was a project of Google. This microblogging service was under voluntary development by google engineers. Due to being unsuccessful, Google shut it down.


Tumblr allows you to share everything effortlessly. You can send text, photos, quotations, links, music, and videos via the internet browser, phone, desktop, e-mail, and from anywhere. Users can choose themes for their blogs and customize everything in their themes using HTML codes.

If other users follow your blog, the latest posts always appear on their homepage. You don’t have to have your own blog on Tumblr; you can just follow other blogs. Viewing individual blogs is also possible without an account.

If you post something on Tumblr, any other user can quote this post on their own blog. For example, if you collect cat photos on your Tumblr page and see other pictures in another blog, you can add them to your own blog.


Yammer is a unique social networking service developed specifically for corporate communications. Geni is the company that developed the platform. It served the sole purpose of making it easier for employees to communicate and network across the company. Then, it quickly caught the attention of buyers and bought by Microsoft in 2012. Microsoft included the new product in the Office 365 package in 2014, and today 85% of all Fortune 500 companies use it worldwide.

You could say that Yammer is something like Facebook for the business world – an extremely inclusive Facebook, with colleagues instead of friends, internal memories instead of advertisements and news that relate to events as well as questions and problems that colleagues are trying to solve.


What is the difference between regular blogs and microblogs?

For a good looking regular blog, you need to write around 600-800 words, but microblogs limit you to generally 140 characters.

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What can I tell in 140 characters?

Even though 140 characters may seem like not enough, but it is really impactful. In Twitter, the news spread super fast, and they all use 140 characters.

What is the most popular microblogging website?

Twitter is by far the most popular microblogging platform.


In this article, we mentioned what microblogging is and what are the popular microblogs. Thanks for reading. If you want to check other blog posts of InstaFollowers, click here. If you want to learn more about microblogging, watch this video by Social Marketing with Sassy Suite:

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