What Is a Marketing Funnel? (How It Works)

What Is a Marketing Funnel? (How It Works)

Digital marketing is the modern version of product and service marketing of marketing conditions that evolve with today’s technological developments. So the process of purchasing the product and service offered by a brand or company to the target audience. In this system, the fashion of tools such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, which is one of the classic marketing methods, has already passed. Instead of old methods, concepts such as websites, internet advertising, mobile marketing, social media advertising, blog posts, online PR studies in infographics, online brochures, and catalogs have become popular. The main goal of digital marketing is keeping the communication cycle continuously reaching the highest audience most effectively and providing an interactive environment, thus creating both brand awareness and creating a perception of continuous purchase with the target audience. The “Marketing funnel” strategy is a clever solution to achieve this goal. So what is a marketing funnel? 

What Is a Funnel?

A funnel is, by definition, a tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening. This funnel with a wide upper part but narrowing down reminds us of something in the digital world! Isn’t it like 10 people who can be our customers are eliminated through various stages, and 1-2 people remain? 

It won’t make much sense if we use the word “funnel” alone. That’s why it’s called marketing funnel.

What Does the Funnel Do?

Anyone who sells digitally or in a physical environment is using the funnel system. Giving an example of social life will clarify this issue. After we understand better, we’ll get to the digital dimension of the business.

There’s a florist woman selling flowers in a small local shop, and this woman seaves them neatly to make the flowers look more attractive to passers-by and sprinkle spring on flowers at regular intervals to make them look fresh. She also puts her most visible replacement on her counter if she has a very colorful and engaging flower. That’s what it all starts with. People crossing the street approach the flower counter. The seller asks her incoming client what kind of flower she wants and talks about the rumors about what conditions the flowers fit and suggests her most beautiful-looking flower. Customers who like the price of the flower and have an appropriate budget would buy the flower. Customers with lower budgets are interested in more affordable flowers. And some people just ask about the price and go.

These are the people shopping, showing the people we call “sales” on the funnel that the florist somehow established without consciousness. Our only goal as a florist is to sell flowers. We strive to make everyone who passes passer-by and asks prices for flower sales. That’s exactly funnel! His name might scare you, but did you know that “everyone” who sells without realizing his funnel system is using it? So is marketing funnel the likes in the digital world?

Funnel in the Digital World

Funnel in the Digital World

We’re moving digitally to the funnel system. Because that’s what we do, it’s the real funnel system. If it were part of the digital funnel system, she would be able to sell flowers as she wished.

Let’s say you’re a beautician and want to reach out to people who have skin problems in your office online and people who want to have skincare. So how are you going to do this and set up your marketing funnel system?

The first thing necessary to build a funnel in a digital environment is a website. So you need a website that has landing pages where you can put the promotions of your products or services. We assume that you have set up a website belonging to your beauty center and included detailed information about your beauty center and the services you offer.

You’ve set up your beauty center website. You have designed the landing pages that are required for your customers to get information. You gave your ads, and your customer went to the registration form page to make a free appointment. However, your customer left without filling out the form. Have all your efforts gone to waste? 

Advantage of Digital Marketing

If you did a physical job like a florist woman, you’d never be able to offer that client the next day to sell flowers. But it’s easy to get back to anyone who visits your website and comes out without filling out forms via Google, Facebook, or Instagram! This is the best part of the marketing funnel system. If you can’t make an appointment, don’t worry, people who will be your leads will probably be your “customer” with this system in the future!

Moreover, consider that you have leads who want to make appointments and bids. People who have free skin analysis make appointments to get paid skincare at the beauty center when they are sure of skin problems and trust the beautician. And VOILA! The beautician opened the website, respectively, attracted the masses who had issues with their skin on the website and made a sale by examining them for free. People who are free inspections and do not receive services from the beauty center are now “potential customers” and amass as valuable as customers.

Yes, that’s the marketing funnel system. So what you need to do is build a system that produces value. It’s a great source of earnings!

Items of the Marketing Funnel System

Funnel systems have major elements available. The two examples we gave above were the 4-stage marketing funnel. However, not every funnel system has to be 4-stage. You can even install 10-stage marketing funnel systems if you want. You don’t have a border! So what are the basic elements of these 4 most popular stages?

Awareness: This stage is the stage where you give your customer a product or service-related introduction. You can provide your customer with details such as why they need that product, which problem it will solve, and its price. At this stage, you can use digital marketing methods such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, e-mail marketing.

Interest: This is the stage at which you provide detailed information about the product or service you sell to all users who enter your website through ads. Landing page design will be very useful at this stage. 

Evaluation: Decision stage! Visitors on your website will decide their way after reading the product or service articles informing them. Should they be buying this product or service or not? If you have an e-commerce website during the evaluation phase, your customer will be able to add to basket and purchase. If you are selling services, they can still fill out a request form, give an e-mail address or give them a phone number.

Purchase: Anyone who buys your products or services is now at this stage. That’s the main purpose of the Funnel system: to turn the visitor entering your website into your customer.

Why Is Marketing Funnel Installed

Why Is Marketing Funnel Installed?

If you want to sell a product or service digitally, you should install the funnel system. If you’re not using a funnel system, there are some facts you need to know.

Most of the budget you’re advertising is probably going to waste. You can’t categorize visitors entering your site as those who add products to the basket, fill out forms, fill out forms, visit a specific page, and look at the contact page and not buy products or services. Since the people who add products to the basket will be potential customers and can’t detect them, you’ll waste your continuous advertising budget inefficiently.

Besides, there won’t be continuity in your business. You may not be able to continuously do this job by spending the money you earn on advertising with the hit-and-run tactic. When an opponent who uses the funnel system and works with experts appears, you may lose your position! 

The main purpose of the Funnel system is to funnel your visitors and make them your customers. Even reading this article now means you can be our customers in the future! Well, what do you say?

How to Install Funnel?

We explained how the funnel system was installed with the example of a beauty center above. Through these stages, you will be able to set up your funnel system. However, establishing a website at this stage will not be possible without technical knowledge. That’s why you can get support from experts or companies about setting up a website.

Creating a funnel on e-commerce sites is much simpler. This system already exists in infrastructures such as Ideasoft, Tsoft, or Projesoft that you have used. You can easily request to install one of these systems. You can also create additional modules on e-commerce sites such as Opencart, an open-source code, and show ads to people who add them to the basket on your site.

Don’t sell products? You may be doing business in the corporate sense, and you may be selling services, of course. In this case, you will need WordPress software. You can set yourself up with a marketing funnel via a website you set up through WordPress. Or you can integrate the funnel system into your current WordPress site.

You can also use the funnel installation system, Click Funnels, which is preferred by professional companies on the market and is at the top. Don’t forget to think about the cost!


If you’re using Click Funnels, you will have to set up a budget. If you have an e-commerce site, get support for integration from specialized companies in this topic. The job doesn’t just have website size. What matters here is the ads you’re going to use. Here, you should also integrate this system in the types of ads you use rather than the website’s size. This means that you should manage and optimize and optimize the pages that the user will visit when the user clicks on the ad.

It’s not easy to set up a funnel. You need to spend some effort advertising texts, advertising images, description singings within site, form designs for the website, entering website content, preparing after-sales pages… The list is too long. But after installing this system correctly and professionally, you can sit in your seat and drink your coffee comfortably. Your business will increase proportionally with your capital. You’ll enjoy it.

FAQs About Marketing Funnel

Why is Marketing Funnel important?

Figuring out the idea of selling funnels is important as it is a valuable tool for visualizing the consumer experience from initial recognition to conversion. The Selling Enclosure offers a helpful mechanism from which you can evaluate your market and find areas for change.

Is the Marketing Funnel Still relevant?

The conventional marketing ring is gone. What you do not know is that the “end” of the marketing funnel is excellent news for advertisers, at least for those of us who will relate to a different way of looking at the funnel. All the funnel levels are still there, but they don’t feel as they used to be.

What is an E-Mail Marketing Funnel?

An e-mail funnel refers to how your customer moves through a sales pitch. This is often crafted by business owners to sell a product or service through educational content and persuasive selling.

What is lower funnel marketing?

The lower part of the marketing funnel, or lower funnel, is where the macro conversions, or purchases, happen.

What is the first step in the marketing funnel?

The first and foremost stage in the marketing funnel is awareness.

Conclusion on Marketing Funnel

In this article, we gave you detailed information to learn about what a marketing funnel is. To build a working and profitable online business model, most people need to experiment and face failures. I wish everything could go smoothly, but that’s the nature of business and entrepreneurship! Therefore, you should try business models as soon as possible and try them at the lowest cost. Here, too, the funnel technique stands out. The marketing funnel technique can set up your sales site in one day, start ads and decide if you’re in a few weeks.

You can do the Funnel technique yourself at no cost. However, when you don’t use an app that you can do with advanced template tests on the market, you waive the conversion rate while saving costs. The choice is yours.

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