Marketing During Covid-19: Overcome the Crisis

Marketing During Covid-19: Overcome the Crisis

Depending on the sector, you may have noticed that sales and revenue have fallen in recent times due to the Covid-19 emergency. Some companies have almost completely gone out of business and have had to innovate to survive.

All of this has made marketing more important than ever for many businesses. And much of these marketing efforts focus on online since traditional advertising (especially television) are prohibitive.

Today, though, there is a different reason to turn your awareness to online marketing: people spend more time at home (voluntarily or due to legal restrictions) and surf the Internet much more than before.

10 Marketing Ideas to Consider to Overcome the Covid-19 Crisis

Here are some marketing ideas that we recommend you consider at the time of the Covid-19.

Don’t Make Hasty and Panic-Driven Decisions

Yes, times are tough at the moment. The trade is almost at a standstill, for reasons past your control. But things will eventually get better.

China has shown that Covid-19 cases made its peak and then began to decline. They lifted the restrictions, and the workers started to go back to work. They have even begun exporting & importing again, although international travel will be restricted until the Covid-19 vaccine is produced and made accessible to everyone. However, the light at the end of the tunnel remains.

This does not mean that you must underestimate the effects of the Covid-19. They are tangible. Many people worldwide are contracting the virus, and some of them, unfortunately, are dying. So you may have to stop doing business for some time, but don’t make intuitive decisions because of panic. Most companies will survive the chaos, just as they have in the past with wars, recessions, depressions, and pandemics.

While you are thinking of closing everything down, your competition is riding the wave to be ready for the recovery (which will happen). Even if your income will shrink, and you may have to seek government assistance, you should still proceed with digital marketing. It’ll keep your company visible and in people’s minds, especially when customers start coming back.

stay connected with your clients on social media

Stay Connected With Your Clients on Social Media

Tough times make people use their social media accounts more than ever. This is especially noticeable when they are scared or unsure of what is going on around them. If you live in the lockdown, social media is one of the essential forms of communication.

Internet use has increased significantly in recent months. Meanwhile, since people use Netflix and other streaming platforms, online browsing’s primary purpose is communication. And social media is the chosen form of communication for most people today.

Sure, people give up on hairdressing, restaurants, and aperitifs, but they are still interested in your company and products. They will pay extra attention to useful and engaging content you may be sharing and will likely remember your name, even if they haven’t used your services ever before.

Take All Potential Opportunities to Help People Through the Crisis

The best way to make marketing is to make it good. People remember the good things your company has done and will associate them with your brand.

If you can help people, by any means, get through this, do it. For example, in Italy, several alcohol factories have modified their production lines to produce hand sanitizers.

Other big fashion brands, then, have stopped working on luxury clothes to devote themselves to the production of masks. Marketing may not have been the top priority for companies when they made their decisions; however, people will not forget their actions when they start spending again after the lockdown.

Enhance Your Online Presence

More and more people are online, now more than ever. They are also growing more cautious in personal communications, but that doesn’t mean they have lost interest in the businesses around them. In some cases, “forced” free time has given people more opportunities to google and investigate potential items to buy.

Many companies dedicate part of their marketing budget to trade shows, exhibitions, and events. However, many of these have now been canceled, and fewer people are interested in face-to-face encounters in real life (virtual is another story). This is especially true for B2B companies: data released by intelligence firm PredictHQ shows that in February 2021, there was a 500% increase in recalls and postponements of events, even significant ones.

It may then be necessary to modify your website to reflect the current demand better. For example, if you deal with a wide range of product categories, you may want to emphasize your food and household products over other more luxurious items. In severe cases, where government restrictions limit what you can sell, it may be necessary to temporarily remove your website’s currently unsaleable items.

However, remember that digital marketing has a particular advantage over most other marketing types – it requires no personal one-to-one interaction. It is also one of the most calculable marketing types, making it easy to set clear objectives in terms of ROI.

improve the seo of your site

Improve the SEO of Your Site

It’s okay to improve your digital presence, but it’s of little use if people can’t find your website. Any business with a site should apply search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines if they don’t want to end up outnumbered by the competition.

Google and other web search companies are constantly changing search engine algorithms, so you need to make sure your site’s keeping up with several industry trends. Good content marketers and copywriters and know how to write SEO friendly content. Likewise, your developers should be able to assure that your site “facilitates” the activity of spiders and crawlers.

The purpose of proper SEO is that when your prospects search for key terms for your industry, your website posts and pages are at the top of search results, preferably in the top positions. There’s a lot of debate for these slots, which means you need to set up a better SEO strategy than your industry competitors.

At the moment, your competitors may be quite busy trying to survive rather than thinking about the quality of their websites. An excellent SEO strategy can allow you to be more visible when we return to normal. This also applies to companies in the sectors most affected by the Covid-19. If you can access the Internet, you can easily work on your SEO from your home. And even if your company has to go out of business, good SEO will make resuming that much easier.

Use PPC Advertising

It depends on your industry, but today might be the perfect time to push on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. People are on the Internet now more than ever, and this gives your ads a greater chance of appearing to those looking for you. All of this can give you a huge competitive advantage.

You have to balance commitment with the possibility that few of your customers may use your services, especially if they are “physical” services. At the moment, for example, it doesn’t make much sense for those involved in travel to invest in PPC advertising: few people would click on their ads to buy international travel.

However, this is a great time for companies that want to stand out from their competitors in specific industries. For example, with so many isolated people at home, sales of useful home office software will skyrocket. And if those who produce them can supply them digitally, there is not even the possibility of delays in distribution. Some products have quickly become best-sellers: there are obvious products like toilet paper, face masks, infrared digital thermometers, cloth diapers, sportswear, and laptop stands.

Adapt Your Offers to the Covid-19 Circumstances

Have you recently noticed some television commercials that seem unrelated to the current situation? You may have also seen numerous advertisements begging you to go shopping sprees, enjoy a dinner at a restaurant and use certain make-ups to improve your appearance, forgetting that you cannot (could) leave the house.

Presumably, these advertisements are more an indication of long lead times in the TV advertising industry than a sincere belief on the part of those companies that the viewer will buy their products right now under the Covid-19 emergency (particularly if the latter is in a country under lockdown).

Successful marketers move quickly and adapt to circumstances. It is useless to continue marketing as if nothing had happened if, at the moment, consumers cannot or are not willing to buy your products.

stay agile and tailored to meet customer needs

Stay Agile and Tailored to Meet Customer Needs

This point connects to the previous point. You gotta be flexible and adaptive to the needs of your customers. 

Ferrari is a prime example right now: demand for new luxury cars is likely to be very low, and sales will drop to zero. For this, Ferrari has decided to convert some of its production lines to produce pulmonary respirator valves. The company plans to produce several hundred devices per week and deliver them to hospitals that need them.

Smaller companies could change their production, given the situation. If you run a restaurant in an area not yet fully locked down, you might temporarily close the restaurant and speed up home deliveries. If you’re a gym that has to stop for a while, you could post videos on YouTube with workouts that your clients can do at home. Adapting is the key to surviving.

Keep Up-To-Date With Your Marketing Data

Today it’s more important than ever it was ever to keep an eye on your marketing data. Take note of what works and increase your engagement in those activities. If what previously worked now no longer has an impact, it has become inadequate for the current times: reduce or stop that type of marketing.

This should be your everyday approach: look at the data, find trends, and make the necessary changes. It is relatively easy to determine the ROI of digital marketing activities. You just have to identify a specific marketing goal for each campaign and decide the most important metric to keep track of.

If You Are in Forced Covid-19 Lockdown, Plan Your Future Marketing

If you’re stuck home, you probably have more time on your hands than usual. Even if you can’t go to the office, however, you can still plan ahead of the time when the Covid-19 crisis will end.

Many marketers complain that they are always too busy and don’t have the time to spend on tasks like analyzing their website performance or checking their SEO.

FAQs About Marketing During Covid-19

Is it worth updating the contents of the site and continuing the editorial plan on Social Media?

Indeed, it would be a grave mistake not to continue doing it and even worse to stop without having communicated it somehow.

Is it worth continuing to do ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google?

It depends. Suppose you have a website or e-commerce and sell useful or indispensable products that are difficult to find in any other way, such as books, household cleaning products, and ready-to-eat foods, absolutely yes!

What if I temporarily close my site?

I am sure that some entrepreneurs have thought about it. After many years, closing the site, let alone at this moment, absolutely not for a thousand reasons and in particular if you have a site well indexed and positioned on search engines.

I see so many advertisements that offer me to open an e-commerce site to continue selling. Could this be a good idea?

Absolutely not, although in theory, it might seem like the best time to make this choice. Opening an E-commerce is a choice that involves time, sacrifices, organization, development costs, and an important advertising budget to invest in traffic sources.

What can I do for my business these days that I am spending at home?

Study to document yourself and develop new ideas!

Conclusion: Get the Best Out of Your Free Time of Covid-19

Well, if you’re in full lockdown, now you have plenty of time at your disposal, right? This is the perfect period to plan your marketing for the future, plan for recovery, and regain lost income. Depending on the situation, a “rebirth” of your marketing plan may be required on a shoestring budget, but digital marketing may not be overly expensive. This is one reason you must always keep your site up to date and continue to preside over your social pages. If you do, you won’t have to waste time rebuilding them from scratch when the world returns to normal.

In addition to using the time to verify the performance of your site and existing marketing activities, making the appropriate changes as needed, you can also start planning your moves for recovery. Imagine your future campaigns, create content, write scripts for your videos, and do whatever else you can do on your own without being in your normal work environment.

Be ready: sooner or later, the Covid-19 emergency will pass.

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