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How to Update LinkedIn Profile & Tips

LinkedIn is a social network that allows every professional to build their own personal brand. The best way to do this on this platform is to create a good profile. There are hundreds of guides on creating and optimizing profiles for almost every social network. But when it comes to LinkedIn, the situation is the opposite. However, it is the most important social network for career-seeking professionals. Therefore, we aim to fill this gap with this guide. So, what would you find in this guide? First, we will answer how to optimize a LinkedIn profile by explaining LinkedIn best practices. We will also explain the best LinkedIn profile picture tips, an essential topic for this platform. Finally, we will share with you a couple of LinkedIn templates. So, let’s get started.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Are you ready to ramp up your profile with the most essential LinkedIn profile tips? Here are the 13 most crucial tips;

  • Be smart while choosing your profile headline.
  • Harness the power of visuals by optimizing your profile pic and background photo.
  • Make sure your education, skills, and work experience are complete.
  • Focus on getting strong endorsements and recommendations.
  • Avoid using cliché words, namely buzzwords that everyone uses.
  • Being an active LinkedIn user will add a lot of value to your profile.
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile to get noticed.
  • Add media to Experience.
  • Join LinkedIn Groups for more opportunities.
  • Believe in the power of multilingualism.
  • Improve skills via LinkedIn Learning.
  • Write and get recommendations to boost your credibility.
  • Bonus: LinkedIn Followers

Let’s dig deep into these tips and boost your profile.

Choose Your Profile Headline

Building a unique personal brand is essential to expanding your LinkedIn network. So, the first thing that can help you in this regard is your profile headline. For this reason, while doing this, you need to produce creative ideas and be descriptive enough. So, why is this so important? Because LinkedIn is also a platform with a search algorithm. Therefore, SEO may be a very effective savior here as well. In this context, one of the fields where you can apply SEO on LinkedIn is your profile headline. This field gives you 220 characters to describe yourself and your professionalism. Including the relevant keywords in this field will provide you with +1 points in terms of SEO.

linkedin headline

Of course, there are some criteria you can use while determining these keywords. First of all, you may want to consider using some keyword tools. Doing so will allow you to stand out more in searches. In addition, you can determine the keywords you will include while writing the descriptions yourself. In this case, you can write down the features that make you stand out in your profession and the differences between you and other professionals. Also, keep in mind that you can change your profile headline at any time while typing. So, you can write the most effective headline with the trial and error method. Writing a professional LinkedIn headline may be tough. However, you do not need to hesitate in any way to apply creative ideas while writing your headline.

Optimize Your Profile Picture and Background Photo

Let’s start with LinkedIn profile picture tips first. One of the most important foundations of building a compelling profile is to have a solid and clear profile picture. So, how can you choose the right profile picture? Don’t worry! We are here to help you with that. First, you should make sure that your face is visible in your profile photo. Because the most effective way to build trust in recruiters and people you will connect with is to show your face clearly.

There are also some issues that you should pay attention to while uploading your profile photo. The most important of these issues is the image quality of your picture. The platform recommends uploading a profile photo of at least 400×400 to achieve the best image quality compatibility. Finally, after uploading your profile picture, you need to make some settings.

Time needed: 2 minutes

To make these privacy settings, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture.

    First, click on your profile picture on your home page and then on your profile page. linkedin profile tips

  2. Click on the options.

    Click on the options above the edit button. You will encounter several options about how people view your image. edit profile

  3. Choose who can see your photo.

    Selecting All Linkedin Members from these settings will make your profile picture visible to all LinkedIn members. On the other hand, the public option will make your profile picture visible to everyone, including Google searches. Then, you can click Save. public profile

Your profile picture is more about you. It also serves to prove that you really are who you are. On the other hand, your background photo may focus on different subjects. For example, you can use a background photo that reflects both your professionalism and passion. On the other hand, it may be a good idea to include an image of the company you currently work for. Or it may reflect your achievements. Your background photo should be 1584 pixels wide and 396 pixels high for the best quality.

Complete Education, Skills, and Work Experience

Work experience is, of course, quite important. But, we will talk about this a little later. However, educational information comes before. The skills you have that may help your profession are also critical because these are the data that best expresses the foundations on which you have built your career. Naturally, many recruiters certainly consider them. That also applies to your personal skills because they express what kind of skills you can use to assist your profession.

add education

Data about education and skills is not just important to recruiters. They are also valuable to help you make new professional connections. Thanks to them, it’ll be easier for you to establish connections with professionals you’ve attended the same school on the platform. Besides, you may connect with the people you have attended in the same certificate program. Thanks to the connections you’ll establish by using them, you may build a much more reliable profile on the platform. Let’s talk about your work experience now.

Most users refer to LinkedIn profile optimization as their work experience. However, LinkedIn optimization is much more than that. LinkedIn professionals who have been using the platform for a long time know this quite well, actually. However, to optimize LinkedIn profiles, every user also needs to do something about their work experience. The most crucial point that may help you in this regard is to highlight your successes in your career. Besides, it’ll be more beneficial to include only your work experiences that you think will help you in your future career. This way, you can make your profile more consistent in the eyes of recruiters. Be sure to update this information every time you experience a turning point or achieve new success in your career.

Get Strong Endorsements and Recommendations

Endorsements mean getting approval from an authority for the skills you have. So, who or which authorities can approve these skills? For example, a colleague with whom you have worked before may confirm that you have this ability. Besides, you may get approval for your skills from your superiors or boss at your workplace. The better part of this process is that you can even get approval of your skills from your customers. The same is valid for recommendations. Getting a few endorsements for each of your skills will significantly approve your expertise and increase the credibility of your profile.

skill endorsements

The most important point to consider about endorsements is relevance. For example, an authority or colleague who approves of your skill must be working in a position related to this subject. Or they must have previously worked in a related position. To be more specific, it’s best if the person who endorses your talent must also be a certified professional.

Manage Endorsements

Another thing you need to pay attention to is managing endorsements. You may be asking, what are we going to manage? However, as you start getting more and more approvals for your profile, you’ll notice that they’re beginning to distort your profile. The main reason for this is that people can often be overly supportive. Remember, while you create your profile, you build it for your future career. In this context, it’s always best to keep in mind that you can hide non-relevant endorsements on your profile. In the same way, you can remove a skill endorsement you’ve given to your co-worker.

Finally, let us remind you that you can also evaluate the level of your skills on LinkedIn. LinkedIn states that professionals who verify their skill level are more likely to get a job by a third. Professionals who verify their skill level also earn a skill badge from LinkedIn.

Avoid Using Cliché Words

Cliché words are on everyone’s lips. You may encounter them almost everywhere. Despite that, they don’t really prove anything. Because it’s easy to say. Using such words can cause employers to underestimate your profile. I think they are absolutely right. They are really cheap words. So, what are these words that almost everyone often uses, especially on LinkedIn? In fact, all of you must have encountered a couple of them.

The most common buzzwords on LinkedIn are leader, expert, experienced, and innovator. I certainly don’t want you to misunderstand me here. I do not claim that these words are meaningless. What makes them worthless is that you use these terms to express yourself. For example, you cannot declare yourself a leader. Other people need to accept and describe you that way. Or you cannot claim to be innovative yourself. You prove it by what you do. Eventually, people will start to describe you that way.

In short, using these terms to describe yourself doesn’t convince recruiters that you are a leader or an innovative person. It is even possible that this may have the opposite effect. Because the fact that you use these terms to describe yourself is proof that there are no people around to describe you in this way.

Be Active

That is the last step you can take to have a more compelling profile if everything is okay. We’ll explain how you can be more active on LinkedIn. But first, let’s explain why it is important. First of all, being active on the platform will significantly contribute to your visibility. That will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your searchability. So, what does that mean? We have mentioned that LinkedIn also has a search algorithm. One of the most important factors affecting this algorithm was SEO. Another critical factor is how active you are on the platform.

linkedin activity

Every post you like or comment on here will also appear in the people’s timelines in your network. That is an excellent way to be in front of the eyes of the authoritative people in your network. That is just one of the LinkedIn optimization tips you can use to update your profile. Another way is to create your own posts. You’ve probably seen every LinkedIn professional post about their work experience or knowledge. In fact, this is one of the most important steps in creating your own brand on LinkedIn. You can provide valuable content to the people in your network by giving expert opinions about your field. So, why not share this content on your LinkedIn page?

However, it would be appropriate to state that you should be a little conservative in this regard. Instead of sharing such content every other day, you may post it at higher intervals based on people’s engagements in your network. It may take some time to find the appropriate rhythm for these shares. However, you can identify a suitable time period by analyzing the interactions.

Don’t miss the chance to direct people to your profile. Whether it’s on social media or your resume, value every opportunity to link to your LinkedIn profile. By doing so, you can grow your network or, maybe even have the chance to find your dream job. It’s a great and effortless way to get noticed.

Expand the Experience Section

LinkedIn Profile tips

Did you know you could develop the experience section on your LinkedIn profile with images, videos, or links? Well, now you do. You can add visual content, useful links, your own articles, projects, or anything you find that can add value to your career representation. This will boost your credibility and you’ll be shared by many others.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn profile tips

Of course, LinkedIn has a group feature. It has numerous groups that enable users to network, look for jobs, and learn about the innovations in the industry. You should consider the industry and the geography while joining the groups. After joining, try participating in the discussions, sharing content, and starting conversations with other members. By accomplishing these, you may meet leading figures in the industry, come across special job opportunities, and belong to a community.

Multilingualism Is the Key

Almost every LinkedIn user must have realized that nearly every job posting has multiple language requirements. After all, we live and work in a strongly interconnected global world. Due to the nature of this world, multilingualism is both a plus that can provide enormous advantages and sometimes a necessity. As such, it may be a good idea to create your profile in a different language. Thus, you can manage to attract the attention of companies doing business on an international scale. In fact, many LinkedIn professionals do not know about this feature. But multilingualism is one of the most effective LinkedIn profile tips. So, it would be useful to consider this issue a little more deeply.

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First of all, let’s mention that you cannot change the language of your primary profile on LinkedIn. However, you can create a new additional profile in a language within the language options offered by the platform. You can even repeat this a few times. So, you can have several additional profiles in more than one language. That will also help you connect with professionals who speak different languages.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn isn’t only a platform where you grow your network and present yourself in the business world. It’s also a platform where you can learn new skills and boost them. You can do this by following the leaders of your industry to catch up with the latest developments in the field.

Another great way to reach success via LinkedIn is to attend courses on LinkedIn Learning. It is a LinkedIn feature that contains thousands of different courses related to your field. After you complete the courses, you can add the achievement to your profile and make people aware of your accomplishments.

Write/Get Recommendations

Writing recommendations and receiving them in return is the key to appearing credible. Experts in the fields submitting LinkedIn recommendations to your profile will make it easy for you to climb the career ladder proudly. While asking for recommendations from your colleagues, emphasize which aspects of your career you’d like to be emphasized. If you’re shy about asking for a favor, write one about them first. Here are a few tips to write a great LinkedIn recommendation:

  • Begin the recommendation with an eye-catching line. That way, you’ll catch the attention of the audience.
  • Demonstrate how you are related to that person. Combine your business relationship, your projects and accomplishments together, and the duration of your partnership in your LinkedIn recommendation.
  • If you think that person is excellent at something, don’t hesitate to mention it. Focus on that skill and highlight it.
  • Mention their soft skills as well. A smiling face is always welcome in any workplace.
  • Finish your recommendation with a brief sentence that summarizes the whole letter.

Bonus: LinkedIn Followers

One of the best LinkedIn profile tips is to increase your followers. One of the most effective ways to get more followers on the platform is to optimize your LinkedIn profile. So, you may optimize your profile by applying the LinkedIn practices we have listed above. However, many professionals do not have enough time to perform this process. Or, many of them also need faster solutions. This solution is to take advantage of LinkedIn follower services for many users. To buy LinkedIn followers through these services offers the quickest solution you need. That is actually one of the best options for companies that need to grow their profile pages faster. However, people who aim to build their personal brands may also reach their goals in a shorter time by purchasing LinkedIn followers. 

LinkedIn Profile Tips in a Brief

Known as the Facebook of the business world, LinkedIn is the most indispensable social network of professional life. However, many users cannot use this platform to get the highest efficiency. Based on this, we have compiled a guide with the best LinkedIn profile tips in our article. The tips in this guide will direct professionals to optimize LinkedIn profiles. We’ve tried to cover all the essential topics, from LinkedIn profile picture tips to LinkedIn best practices in this guide. At the end of our list, we have also included a small surprise that may help you upgrade your profile. We hope that using the tips will help you open the door to new success in your professional life.

Frequently Asked Questions About

It is not possible to change the language of your main profile. However, you can create an additional profile using one of the languages offered by the platform.

You can create as many additional profiles as you want in any language supported by the platform.

LinkedIn recommends that users upload a profile image with a resolution of at least 400×400 to get the best image quality.

There is no limit for endorsements. But to ensure credibility, it’s best to get at least two or three endorsements for a skill.

For this, the platform offers you three different options. These options are public, all LinkedIn users, or just connections.

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