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LinkedIn Help Center 

Looking for guidance on what is LinkedIn Help Center and how to use LinkedIn effectively? Look no further! LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is an invaluable resource for professionals in any industry. This LinkedIn Help blog post will guide you through the various facets of LinkedIn, including LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn Feed, LinkedIn Messaging, and LinkedIn Advertising, among others. 


How to Use LinkedIn Learning Online

LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of online courses to enhance your skills. To use it, sign into your LinkedIn account, select the ‘Work’ icon, then choose ‘Learning’ from the dropdown menu. Explore the catalog to find a course you’re interested in, and click ‘Start Learning’ to begin. 

What People Can See on Your LinkedIn Profile? 

Depending on your privacy settings, people can see your photo, headline, current position, past positions, education, connections, and posts.

how to manage your linkedin profile's visibility

To manage this;

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on the “Visibility” button.
  • Adjust your profile visibility.

How to Edit the Targeted Audience Settings of Your Life or What We Do Page on LinkedIn

To edit the targeted audience of your LinkedIn page, go to your Page Admin view. Then, go to ‘Admin Tools’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Audience preferences.’ Here, you can set your preferred audiences characteristics like location, industry, job function, seniority, and company size. 

How to Edit the Life or What We Do Tab of your LinkedIn Page 

To edit these tabs, go to your Page Admin view, and click on the ‘Life’ or ‘What We Do’ tab. You’ll see an ‘Edit’ button where you can update the information as needed. 

What Are the Best Practices for Customizing What You See on Your LinkedIn Feed?  

Your LinkedIn Feed reflects the interests, skills, and endorsements on your profile. To customize it, follow relevant influencers, join groups related to your industry, and engage with posts that align with your interests. You can also hide or report content you don’t want to see. 

What Is LinkedIn and How Can I Use It?  

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that connects job seekers, professionals, and businesses. You can use it to build a professional online presence, connect with colleagues or industry professionals, find jobs, learn new skills, and share or consume professional content. 

How to Edit the Employee Perspectives on Your Life Tab or What We Do Tab 

You can edit this section by going to the ‘Life’ tab in your Page Admin view, scrolling to the ‘Employee Perspectives’ section, and clicking ‘Edit’. Here, you can add or remove employee testimonials. 

What Are Social Recommendations, and How Do I Access Them?  

Social recommendations are endorsements from other users for your skills, products, or services on LinkedIn. They appear on your profile or company page and can be accessed by clicking on ‘Recommendations’ in your profile or ‘Reviews’ on your company page. 

How Do I Update a Unique User ID in Learning via CSV?  

To update a unique User ID, download the CSV template in LinkedIn Learning, update the unique User ID field, and upload the CSV file back. The system will update the user details accordingly. 

How to Go Live on LinkedIn Using a Custom Stream (RTMP) from Zoom 

You can go live on LinkedIn via Zoom by setting up a Live event on LinkedIn, connecting it with Zoom by copying the RTMP and Stream key and then starting the live stream on Zoom. Remember, you need to apply for LinkedIn Live broadcasting access first. 

How LinkedIn Keeps You Safe? 

LinkedIn uses a combination of automated and manual systems to detect and respond to fraudulent or harmful behavior.

how to set security on linkedin

It also allows you to control your privacy and security settings and report inappropriate content or behavior. 

How to Advertise for Showcase Pages on LinkedIn 

To advertise, create a Sponsored Content campaign in Campaign Manager, select the Showcase Page as the ‘company,’ and choose your preferred ad format. Then set your audience, budget, schedule, and bidding strategy on LinkedIn Ads.

How to Disconnect Your LinkedIn Profile from Your Learning License | Learning Help 

To disconnect your profile from a Learning License, contact your Learning Administrator. They can disconnect your profile from the license via the admin dashboard. Remember, this action can affect your course progress and learning history. 

How Do I Create Child Groups on LinkedIn Learning?  

To create child groups, go to your admin dashboard, select ‘Users’ > ‘Groups’ > ‘Create new group.’ You can then add users to the group and assign learning paths or courses. 

How to Find Your Company Information on LinkedIn? 

To find your company information, navigate to your LinkedIn Page. Here you can find details about your company like its description, location, industry, number of employees, and posts. 

Can You See How You Are Connected to a Member on LinkedIn? 

Yes, on a member’s profile, under their headline, you can see how you’re connected. It shows if you share any connections or groups. 

how to see connections on linkedin

How Do I Like Content on LinkedIn Learning?  

To like a video in LinkedIn Learning, simply click on the ‘thumbs up’ icon beneath the video player. 

What Is LinkedIn Scheduler in Recruiter? 

LinkedIn Scheduler in Recruiter is a tool that allows recruiters to automate the interview scheduling process with candidates. It syncs with Google or Office 365 calendar to simplify finding common availability. 

How to Download LinkedIn Learning Exercise Files  

If exercise files are provided with a LinkedIn Learning course, you can download them by clicking the ‘Exercise files’ link below the course description. 

What Are LinkedIn Learning Skills Insights?  

Skills Insights in LinkedIn Learning is a feature that provides data about the skill proficiencies of your organization’s employees and the workforce in your industry or region. 

How Profiles Are Ordered in Recruiter Projects on LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn uses its algorithm to order profiles in Recruiter projects. The order is based on relevance, taking into account factors like candidates’ similarities to the role’s description and requirements.

How Do I Report Inappropriate Content on LinkedIn Learning?  

To report inappropriate content, click on the ‘More’ icon below the video player, and then click ‘Report this.’ Fill out the report form that appears. 

How to Post on Your LinkedIn Page

To post as your Page, go to your Page’s admin view, click on the ‘Start a post’ box at the top of the Page, write your post or add a photo/video, and click ‘Post.’ After sharing your posts, you can buy LinkedIn Page followers to boost your LinkedIn Page.

How to Disconnect or Remove Learners from an Organization’s Learning Account on LinkedIn

To disconnect learners, go to your Learning admin dashboard, select the users, and choose ‘Remove from LinkedIn Learning’ from the ‘More’ dropdown menu. 

What Is Active Status in LinkedIn Messaging?  

Active status in LinkedIn Messaging shows if your connections are online and available to chat. A green circle next to a connection’s photo indicates they’re currently online. If there is a problem with active status on your DM, you should contact LinkedIn Support.

How to Manage People Who Need Review in Business Manager on LinkedIn

In Business Manager, you can review people by navigating to ‘Partner Relationships’ > ‘Needs Review.’ Here you can review and approve or reject requests. 

How to Invite Clients to Review Your LinkedIn Services 

To invite clients to review your services, navigate to your Service Page, select ‘Get reviews,’ then ‘Invite to review,’ and enter the client’s email address. 

What Are Migration Requests for Your LinkedIn Page Followers or Employees?  

Migration requests are tools used when merging or closing company pages, allowing you to move followers or employees from one LinkedIn page to another. 


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional growth and business expansion. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills with LinkedIn Learning, find a job, network with professionals, or promote your business, this guide equips you with the necessary knowledge to make the most of LinkedIn. Enjoy your LinkedIn journey!

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Post updates regularly on LinkedIn to maintain visibility and engagement. Aim for a few times a week, taking into account the best times to post to reach your audience. 

Yes, if you have a LinkedIn Page, you can schedule posts in advance directly from the platform. Individual users can use third-party social media management tools to schedule posts. 

Collaborating with other LinkedIn members can be done by reaching out to them directly via LinkedIn messaging, commenting on their posts, or even co-creating content. 

While professional photos are not mandatory, having a high-quality, professional-looking photo can help make a positive impression and increase your visibility on LinkedIn. 

Promote your LinkedIn profile or page by regularly sharing valuable content, engaging with your connections’ posts, and sharing your LinkedIn URL on other social media platforms.

Increase your LinkedIn connections by actively engaging on the platform, joining relevant groups, personalizing your connection requests, and inviting people you know or have worked with to connect. 

Use LinkedIn to find a job by optimizing your profile, making it clear you’re open to opportunities, using LinkedIn’s job search features, and networking with industry professionals and recruiters. 

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