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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads use the LinkedIn social media network to provide their paid service. Below you will find everything you need to know about LinkedIn ads. Many people assume that LinkedIn ads are very similar to Facebook ads. However, there are many differences. LinkedIn ads aim to drive traffic to your website or company page. They are highly customizable and allow the targeting of a precise target audience. As such, LinkedIn ads have access to the B2B market.

What Are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads are the advertisements that display on the LinkedIn social media platform. These advertisements are a powerful marketing tool for B2B companies. Ultimately they are also very efficient at reaching a highly targeted audience, leading to a high conversion rate. LinkedIn ads come in many customizable forms. The ability to target so accurately gives LinkedIn a competitive advantage over its competitors. The main competitors include the likes of; Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and social media platforms like Facebook.

how do linkedin ads work

How Do LinkedIn Ads Work?

Each ad type works differently. Therefore, it depends on which type of ad you choose to use. Using the customization of LinkedIn ads, your ads will only reach LinkedIn users of your target audience. Text ads are the quickest and easiest to set up. Other types of ads available take extra time to set up. The different types of LinkedIn have more customization options.

Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Ads

There are a lot of benefits to using LinkedIn ads. Below are the main positive factors:

  • You reach a professional audience with your ads.
  • You can change the variables so that your ads only show to an industry-specific audience.
  • LinkedIn has some unique types of advertisement over their competitors. Integrating ads into their internal messaging platform with a higher open and click rate than email marketing has.
  • A built-in lead accelerator feature. More targeted ads appear to users that click on any previous ads, entering into your database. Looking after your hard-won leads and nurturing them into future customers.
  • Increase your conversion rates by an average of 6%.Customizable budget. Allows for you to scale your advertising up or down depending on your current financial situation.
  • Different types of ads are available. The list of ad types LinkedIn offers is; sponsored content, sponsored Inmail, video ads, text ads, dynamic ads, carousel ads, and display ads. Your company is free to swap ad types whenever you like.

Features of LinkedIn Ads

The variables that are available for you when using LinkedIn are vast. These variables allow you to target an incredibly specific demographic for your advertisements. You can customize your target audience by the following:

  • Degree type.
  • Degree Name.
  • Industry.
  • Skills the individuals have.
  • Company name.
  • Company size.
  • Job Title.
  • Seniority.
  • Job function.

By using these variables, you can ensure that your ads reach the precise audience you are targeting.

how to use linkedin ads

How To Use LinkedIn Ads

Follow these steps to learn how to use LinkedIn ads:

  • Choose your campaign service: Firstly, choose between a self-serviced campaign or one use the managed campaign service. The managed campaign assigns you to a team of dedicated LinkedIn experts to help you through each stage.
  • Monitor your success: Use the campaign manager to monitor the success of your ads. The campaign manager is where you can view all of the data generated from your ad campaigns.
  • Decide on the format: Choose the format that you want for your ad campaign. You can choose to create sponsored content, text ads or combine them in any way you like.
  • Take action: This step is where you make your ads. You can create many variations of your ad and compare which are performing best. Then you can narrow them down to the top-performing ads.
  • Identify your target audience: Focus on the main advantage of LinkedIn ads. Which is being able to choose with precision who your target audience is. Then enable the Audience Expansion feature of LinkedIn ads to allow their algorithm to discover and target more audiences similar to your previous target audiences.
  • Set your budget: You can choose to pay on either a cost-per-click (CPC) basis or a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. CPC is useful for conversions. CPM is useful for raising the awareness of your company.
  • Measure results: Then all that there is to do is measure your results. After checking the results, you can go back and optimize each ad, increasing their success.
linkedin ads campaign

LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

There are many successful LinkedIn ad campaigns by well-known companies. For example, Adobe used sponsored content to boost its reputation as a media optimizer and thought leader. Another example is HubSpot using LinkedIn text they saw a 60% increase in their social media click-through rate solely from LinkedIn. The customization options available using LinkedIn allow for increased precision of your targeted audience. A company called VistaVu successfully used LinkedIn to reach its very niche target audience. They changed to settings and then focused on the oilfield services sector. LinkedIn allowed them to appeal directly to the audience most likely to require their services. Using LinkedIn increased their lead generation and sales as a result LinkedIn.

Conclusion On LinkedIn Ads

In conclusion, you should now know everything that is needed to understand LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn is a market-leading advertising platform. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this article and learned from it. You should now feel more confident when choosing to advertise on LinkedIn. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Lastly, We would like to remind you that LinkedIn’s main use is for job seeking. Therefore, we strongly suggest you read our article on how to use LinkedIn to find a job.

Frequently Asked Questions About

LinkedIn is safer than many other social media platforms. Because of its design allowing professionals to network together. However, anyone can sign up, identities and qualifications are not verified. This lack of verification may allow people to misrepresent themselves.

The costs of LinkedIn ads depend on which features you are using. The average prices are $5.26 per click, $6.59 for 1000 views, and $0.80 per ad sent directly.

LinkedIn has several competitors they are Facebook, Instagram, Jobs2Careers, Glassdoor, Indeed and

Yes, it is possible to make money through the use of LinkedIn ads. You can invest your advertising money with LinkedIn and create an ad campaign for a specific target audience. For example, you can use LinkedIn ads to promote a free product giveaway. LinkedIn ads will ensure that only your targeted demographic will see the ads. As a result, the costs of the giveaway will be lower and net you more return customers. Using timed discount codes in your ads will create a fear of missing out and a sense of urgency to purchase your product.

There are several types of dynamic ads; they are follower ads and content ads.
Follower ads: Designed to increase your follower count across social media platforms.
Job ads. Designed to target applicants suited to your job opening and funnel them to your application page. Content ads: Designed to generate leads for your product, content, or services.
Spotlight ads. You were designed to direct web traffic to the landing page of your choosing. The landing page could be your website homepage or to land on a specific product or promotional pages.

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