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Take the Reins of Your Website: Link Management & Backlink Acquisition

Backlinks are fundamental to the off-page SEO strategy. Backlinks are hard to obtain, but they make a huge difference once you get them from a valuable website. And, it’s up to you to maintain that impact on your website and, eventually, your brand. Thus, backlinks require an effective management process. You may require backlinks using many methods, which we will explain below. Additionally, we’ll go into detail about the benefits of link building, types of backlinks, the importance of link management, and how to manage them. To learn more about them, keep reading!

What Is a Backlink?

Backlinks are links that you acquire from different pages to create a vote of confidence. They are extremely important for SEO strategy. If you get backlinks from authoritative websites, you may increase your website’s authority as well. Getting backlinks from websites with authority can also help you rank higher in SERP.

Backlink Building

The backlink-building process is crucial as well. You may have heard the term “anchor”. Anchor is the phrase we use in a text that redirects the visitor to another web page. Anchor texts contain hyperlinks which are the clean URLs of the directed website.

Types of Links

You will need a certain amount of knowledge about types of links when building backlinks and managing your links. Let’s briefly see how you can achieve them.

dofollow nofollow

DoFollow and NoFollow Links

You can use DoFollow links when you link to another website and want Google to crawl that website. As a result, you pass on authority to the website you trust and let Google know about it. NoFollow links, on the other hand, are links that inform Google not to crawl the website. You can use NoFollow links if you want to link to another web page but don’t want to give authority. Or you use them for paid ads, sponsored content, or affiliate links.

Natural Links

Natural links are organic links that come from websites without any action taken by the owner of the website. The best way to receive natural links is to have high-quality content. Having valuable information on your website makes it more likely that other website owners will give backlinks to your website. It is the best and most coherent way to promote your website and achieve organic traffic.

Manual Links

As the name suggests, manual links are links that you reach out to the website owners and ask for a backlink. It’s an active process to increase backlinks to your websites. Pay attention to the page authority, anchor text, and text around the link while you are trying to get manual backlinks.

The Importance of Getting Backlinks

Getting backlinks from other websites is important for your off-page SEO strategy. Backlinks show that the referred website contains valuable information and is respected. It informs the users as well as the search engines.

Backlinks are also important to increase your rank and drive website traffic. The more website traffic you have, the more possible it is for the visitors to convert into paying customers. But always be careful with your content. The content should be relevant to the link so that the reader can click on the link and go to your website.

One other important aspect of link building is increasing brand awareness. As readers click on your link, you not only increase your traffic but also help spread your brand name. If visitors find what they are looking for, they’ll come back again searching for your brand name on search engines.

The Benefits of Link Building

There are many benefits your website receives from link building. The most important one is of course building a successful website. What about the others? You’ll get the most out of link building by checking your backlinks regularly and managing your links meticulously. Let’s see what benefits link building provides.

  • Build relationships and networking.

Link building helps you create relationships and network with people working in the same field. It, additionally, helps you grow your business and gives you the opportunity to interact with business owners in the same field and get advice from them.

  • Gain website traffic through referral links.

More links mean more traffic. If you have backlinks from more than one authoritative website, it’ll help you gain sustained website traffic.

good backlink strategy
  • Build your brand, trust, and authority.

If you establish a good backlink strategy, you can build your brand as well as gain the trust of possible customers. Plus, you may build authority in the related field. Create niche content in your industry and try to get backlinks. You’ll have more authority and, as a result, more customers.

  • Boost your domain authority and SEO strategy.

Effective link building leads to a boost in your domain authority and SEO strategy. Google detects your website as worthy and authoritative, which proves your domain authority and quality.

More Benefits

  • Get promoted by establishing credibility.

Having backlinks from well-known websites work as an organic advertisement. You boost your credibility and trust by having backlinks from popular high-ranking websites.

  • Receive traffic to your social media channels.

Having a high-ranking website will make it easy to receive traffic to your social media channels. Being active on other social media channels will give you the chance to get more backlinks. Make sure your social media channels are coherent with your website to receive permanent visitors. Don’t forget that you can boost your link management strategy by giving links to your own social media channels.

Types of Backlinks

There are many types of backlinks you can use for your website. It may sometimes take longer to build backlinks. Nevertheless, it’s always possible to buy backlinks and speed up the process. Before all of that, let’s have a look at what backlinks are and how they can impact your SEO strategy.

link management backlinks

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are the most valuable backlinks used in digital marketing. Getting a backlink from an authoritative website impacts your organic traffic tremendously. Suppose a publisher creates valuable, useful, and relevant content and places your website link into that content. In that case, your website becomes trusted in the eyes of search engines, as editorial backlinks are the hardest to obtain.

Press Release Backlinks

Press release backlinks are awesome for announcing innovations about your products. So, you can spread the word by using press release backlinks to gain organic traffic and brand visibility.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Guest blogging is when you publish a guest post on another website or blog. They’re the easiest to attain and considered to be the most effective. You can reach the webmasters manually and contact them. However, make sure you create high-quality content and place a relevant backlink to convince the webmaster.

pbn backlinks

PBN Backlinks

PBN (private blog network) backlinks can be a little tricky to build. They are multiple blogs or websites built by the same person only for the sake of building backlinks. PBN backlinks do not provide quality content; they don’t target the audience. They only exist for link building. PBN backlinks are created through buying aged domains which used to have ranking and backlink history. They can be dangerous for your SEO strategy as Google sees PBN backlinks as manipulative and unnatural (which they are) and may penalize your website.

Free Tool Backlinks

Offering a free tool to the readers is a great idea. You can add a call to action to the tool to attract the visitors’ attention. You may then try to reach the webmasters to introduce your free tool and use guest blogging to get more traffic.

Badge Backlinks

Badge backlinks are awards you share with certain companies depending on the scale. This is how it works: Imagine that your company gives a premium badge to any company that uses one of your specific services. They, in return, share the premium badge on their websites and links back to your website. Badge backlinks work wonders for your SEO strategy as well as for your relationship with customers.

Tips to Get Backlinks

There are some tips and tricks you can use to receive backlinks from websites. Here are the best tips to boost your backlink game:

  • Create proper, quality, and detailed content.

Content is the key. Write well-organized, detailed, and valuable content to increase the chance of getting backlinks from authoritative websites. You can add how-to articles, bullet points, and guides to your posts. The longer your content is, the higher ranking you get, which will help you receive backlinks. Before starting the process, you can make a competitor analysis and create a better article.

link management social media
  • Be active on social media.

Try to be active on many social media channels. Because commenting on relevant blog posts is a great start for building a relationship. Leave comments on high-ranking websites linking back to your websites. Leverage your business relationships by communicating through social media.

  • Check the backlinks of your competitors.

Check your competitors’ backlinks that are broken. Create similar content and contact the webmaster, informing them about the broken link. You’ll get a backlink from an authoritative website, and they’ll have working backlinks in return.

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Checking their backlinks will also help you while creating content. You may create a certain type of content they have already been linking to, resulting in the website linking to your website as well.

  • Get dofollow backlinks.

Dofollow links are considered highly valuable in the eyes of search engines. If the domain you’re getting a backlink from is authoritative and valuable, your page will receive some of the value as well.

  • Create infographics.

Creating infographics your backlink placed in it will hugely impact your SEO strategy. Infographics are visual representations of important information. They’re very easy to read and preferred by readers a lot. So, having infographics created by you on authoritative websites will help your backlink efforts.

The Importance of Link Management in Digital Marketing

As well as getting backlinks, managing backlinks plays a critical role in your digital marketing adventure. You should be keeping track of your backlinks; believe me, anything can happen to those links. Even after getting a good quality backlink from an authoritative website, you should check them regularly.

One of the main reasons you should check your backlink profile is to make sure you’re not getting backlinks from spammy websites. If Google thinks you’re messing up with the search algorithm, you may get penalties. Make sure that your backlinks are high quality. Pay attention to the anchor text and make certain it’s relevant to the content.

avoid Google penalties

To keep a good backlink profile, you should check your backlinks on a regular basis. You should also avoid getting Google penalties and avoid broken and toxic backlinks so that you don’t get removed from an index. Most importantly, you don’t lose any of your SEO efforts.

Tips for a Better Link Management

As mentioned before, link management plays a critical role in your website’s success. We’ve prepared a detailed list of how you can manage your backlinks better with some essential tips and tricks.

  • Have a proper link-building campaign.

Optimizing your link-building campaigns is the biggest step towards having a reliable backlink strategy. If you don’t want to spend so much time managing backlinks, make sure your backlinks are from authoritative and valuable websites. As a tip, we suggest checking the domain authority of the potential website you want to get a backlink from to avoid any future inconvenience.

  • Monitor the broken backlinks.

You may lose backlinks and have broken backlinks if the referring page has an error or the webmaster removes the backlink. Either way, check for the broken backlinks and notify the webmaster. Before asking for backlinks, check your website’s link velocity to determine if your page is likely to rank higher. A significant point about the link velocity is if you build a lot of links in a short period of time, Google may see this as a threat, and if you’re building too slowly, you may lose the game to your competitors. Being moderate is the key to building links!

  • Get notified about the broken backlinks.

Removing backlinks is essential for your link management. Use an SEO tool that notifies you when you lose a backlink to get notified at short notice. By having a notification, you can take action towards reclaiming the lost backlink before your competitors notice. These SEO tools also help notify you about the backlinks you gain so that you can check if it’s from an authoritative website or not.

More Tips

google alerts
  • Check your competitors’ backlinks as well.

Checking your competitors’ backlinks can impact your backlink strategy hugely. As a result, you may get new ideas and different perspectives by checking your competitors’ strategies. By using Google Alerts, which gives you the opportunity to filter your alert by sources, language, region, etc., you can easily monitor the strategy of your competitors. Google Alerts also sends notifications when negative keywords link back to your website. It helps you remove them as negative keywords may damage all your SEO efforts.

  • Balance dofollow and nofollow ratio.

The balance between dofollow and nofollow links is important as Google pays attention to the ratio between them. Don’t have too many dofollow or nofollow links, or you may get into trouble with Google. Get dofollow links from relevant, authoritative pages and nofollow links from advertising websites.

  • Use Google Disavow Tool.

Google Disavow Tool helps you get rid of unnecessary backlinks and keep the relevant ones. There’s no turning back once you upload the backlink list to Google Disavow Tool. So be careful before you upload the unnecessary backlinks.

Time to Recap!

You’ve reached the end of our article, congrats! Now, backlinks are not scary anymore, we suppose. You can build quality backlinks with quality content and create a better SEO strategy for your business. And, never forget the importance of link management either, which will help you maintain your success for long years to come. In short, build strong backlinks and rock link management!

Frequently Asked Questions About

Ahrefs and SEMrush are considered to be the best backlink checkers. Unfortunately, they don’t have a free version, but you can try them using the 30-day free trial.

A backlink is the essential component of the off-page SEO strategy as it provides more organic traffic to your website and increases brand awareness.

Link management is critical for digital marketing. Thanks to the backlinks that authoritative pages share on their websites; link management helps you build relationships with other businesses and sell your products to a larger audience.

Dofollow backlinks tell Google that your web page is valuable and authoritative, which is highly important for your SEO strategy.

InstaFollowers help you with buying quality backlinks. You can buy backlinks for very cheap rates and manage your website better.

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