Know Your Limit in Instagram or Instagram May Limit You!

Know Your Limit in Instagram or Instagram May Limit You!

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When you set up your Instagram account and are ready to fire up, keep in mind of your limit! Otherwise, you may soon be in a sorrowful situation since Instagram does not hesitate to punish you for overhyping!

There are set of rules in Instagram as the social network wants to have a clean and enjoyable environment while keeping any spammers away. After all, who wants to see annoying spammers while you like your friends or pals’ image?

It is crucial to know your limits including likes and follower per day or hashtag per photo. This post will teach you these limits while you enjoy the Instagram in better and healthier way.

Be aware new users

If you just joined the social network, stay in the safe side until you believe that you have become a trusted user. This means 2-3 weeks. Until then, try not to be aggressive in your pursuit to become a shining star in Instagram. Otherwise, Instagram may believe that you are a spammer and block your account for ever.

Be aware new users

Age Limit

First of all, you must be over the age of 13 to use the Instagram.

Post Limit

As mentioned above, if you are new user, share a photo or two per day to gain trust of Instagram administrators. So that they believe that you’re a user just like everyone else. After 2-3 weeks, you may push up your limits, meaning that you may feel free to post as many image or video you like.

Still, many social marketing people believe that it is better to share one or two perfect and aesthetics photos to get your fellow Instagrammer’s attention. Who wants to see many images from one user per day?

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If you insist to share many photos per day, Instagram allows you to post 5 photos per hours on average. If you try to add more, you may get blocked for few hours. Later one, it is high likely that you may keep posting. Also, some speculate that you can share no more than 100 photos per day.

Multi Image Limit

The social network allows you to post up to 10 pictures in a single post.

Caption Limit

You have your photo and applied filter and are ready to post it. But, you may want to glamourize your image with interesting words. The number of character you may use in your post is limited to 2200 characters.

However, the caption is cut off after the first three lines, and you see three dots, hinting that the caption is going on. In order to not see these dots, you may want to limit your text post with 125 characters. Besides, comments get cut after 240 characters. Be creative!

Hashtag Limit

For some time Instagram lets you to use hashtag (#) so that other people that may not be your followers can see your posts. In that, using hashtags play a critical role. With right hashtags, not only you get more likes and followers but also you get other people or possible advertisers’ attention.

 Instagram lets you to use up to 30 hashtags. Still, it is better to use less but precise hashtags.

Followers / Following Limit

Instagram does not allow user to follow more than 7,500 people. If you try to beat that number, you cannot. It does not allow going beyond that number. However, the good news is that the number of people that can follow is unlimited. That means you can have millions even billion users.

How about you may follow or unfollow per day? If you have a new account, limit you activities to 100 actions, meaning that total actions you follow or unfollow must not go beyond 100 actions. If you are a trusted user, do not try to go beyond 1000 actions.

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Like Limits

This limit is 350 likes per hour.

Like Limits

Tag Limit

There is another trick to get those users that you want to draw attention: It is to mention them in your post. While you post your photo, if you press long enough on your image, Instagram lets you mention users that you want. The limit is 20 users in your image or video.

Mention Limit

When you post your image or you make comment on other’s image or video, you can mention up to 10 users per comment.

Bio Limitations

It is up to 150 characters. If you plan a personal account, be as creative and welcoming as you can be. If you plan a professional account, please consider stating what you offer is.

Also, you can share your website. Instagram allows sharing only one website address.

Live Story Limit

A user can have up to one hour live story. It stays for 24 hours on the story section.

Story Limit

Instagram allows 100 posts in your stories. When you add 101th story, the oldest image or video will be archived.

Story Highlight Limit

There is no limit how many story highlight you can create.

IGTV Limit

Instagram recently rolled out IGTV. In that, you can create vertical video which can be up to 10 minutes. Instagram lets some users to post a hour-long

Video Chat Limit

You can video-chat with users you follow and are followed. During instant messaging, you can turn on video chat to talk with users live.

Image Limit

There are some rules with what you can share on Instagram. For example, you are not allowed to post image that include nudity. Also, you cannot praise terrorism, organized crime or target some groups.

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 Similarly, you cannot advertise sexual services. You are not allowed to make “credible threats” against others.

For average users, these limitations may not pose threats on their daily activities. However, it is better to know your limits in Instagram or Instagram may limit your account that you spend days or weeks to shape.

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Know Your Limit in Instagram or Instagram May Limit You!
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