Limits to Follow and Unfollow on Instagram, Remove the Following Ban


Instagram has a limitation for following and unfollowing numbers, when you don’t care it, do lots of operations on Instagram without given a break, you can face follow ban on Instagram. The duration of the ban is generally 24 hours but it can be longer. In order to avoid to face the ban from Instagram, you should know the follow limits and how you should follow and unfollow. Here is limit of Instagram and the way to remove the ban on your account.

What is the limitation to follow and unfollow?

If you are a new user of Instagram, you should give a time approximately 45 seconds between your actions. Generally, the limit for a new user is 500 actions in day which are included follow, unfollow and like. Beware of that you should not do too much actions in just a few days after you open an account on Instagram.

Clearly, the situation is more flexible for trusted users. 2000 follow, unfollow and like can be seen as the limit. Between 28-38 seconds can be set up a required time to break time between two actions, more than 2000 actions are also can be made on Instagram, but to avoid follow ban on Instagram, it is preferably advised the number of 2000.

How can you remove the ban which is caused by following?

If you make too much actions in a short time without using a bot, wait 24 hours. The ban will be automatically removed from your account. In the usage of bot, the duration of the ban is usually longer.

Some applications which you relate with your Instagram account is reason of the follow ban. These applications treat as a bot service. To remove these applications, go to account services. Find “Authorized Application” and revoke necessary application from your list. That can be helpful to remove the ban on your Instagram account quickly.

Limits to Follow and Unfollow on Instagram, Remove the Following Ban
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