New Layout Twitter Replies Updates is Testing

Twitter Replies
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Twitter is one of the most used and beloved social media platforms and like other platforms Twitter get updated to the last update about Twitter replies and it is testing now.

It is not definite that Twitter will release this replies update.

The tests has continuing and when thay decided that it is good enough the update will be delivered.

Twitter focused on 2 different lay out and most probably will ask to users which lay out is better than the other.

Twitter Replies

As you can see in the scree shot of this 2 tweets and replies, Twitter will change the replies entirely.

The feature of this new update is:

  • It will be more easy to tweet threaded tweets and followers will be able to easily read the threads.
  • When tweet owner reply its tweet, the tweet color will be differe
  • Users will have a green circle chain that shows that the user is online or not
  • When you scroll replies the original tweet remaining at the top as pinned
  • See replies button will show the all replies and collapse them.
  • tweet your reply transformed to join the conversation

Twitter Replies Update

This new update is testing most probably because of the decreasing engagements, Twitter wants to increase this number of engagements.

The green dot, active indicators would also boost real-time engagement – if you knew that the person who tweeted was active when you went to reply, that would likely make you more inclined to engage.

There are obviously a range of considerations here, but it is a good move for Twitter to consult with users first. While it may not even take any of the recommendations on board, one of the criticisms Twitter always gets with changes is that it’s not listening to users, that it’s not consulting with ‘power users’ and letting them have a say.

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Even if Twitter went ahead with the change as they liked, internally, by opening the discussion up to public comment beforehand, they may be able to quell some of these later grievances.



New Layout Twitter Replies Updates is Testing
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