Is Trustpilot Reliable?

Is Trustpilot Reliable?

Trustpilot is the leading customer review platform with more than half a million new reviews every month. The platform has been around since 2007 with mostly positive attributions from the public and other professionals. Trustpilot reached more than a hundred million total customer reviews in late 2020. So, is Trustpilot reliable? Let’s see.

Customer reviews are quite effective for other customers while deciding on buying a product. Almost 90% of online consumers say that they check customer reviews when making a purchase. So this makes the originality of customer reviews on Trustpilot much more significant for both customers and businesses.

Although the platform is a legitimate consumer review platform with years of experience, it is still important to know the extent of Trustpilot’s reliability. In this article, we’ll investigate the platform’s trustworthiness and its customer reviews on other businesses from several angles.

flagged reviews on trustpilot

Flagged Reviews on Trustpilot

Flagged reviews on Trustpilot refer to the reviews considered against community rules of the platform by other users or businesses to be investigated by the platform.

Before their policy update at the end of 2020, flagged reviews on Trustpilot used to get immediately invisible to other users. Customers and other critics viewed this as a way to protect businesses. Today, flagged reviews stay on the business page with a notification indicating that the review is in the investigation.

Verified Reviews on Trustpilot

Verified reviews on the platform mean that the interaction of the customer with the relevant business is genuine. They provide the most important signal to evaluate the review is based on an experience or not. Trustpilot verifies customer reviews by using two methods.

Sending Invitations

Trustpilot has a feature that enables businesses to ask for review messages. If a customer leaves a review as a response to this invitation, the review will be marked as “Verified.” This feature is available on both the free and paid versions of the platform.

Acquiring Documentation

Trustpilot asks for documentation that proves the interaction between the customer and the business for certain circumstances, such as flagged reviews. After the platform gets the evidence, the Trustpilot content integrity team will mark the review as “Verified.”

business transparency on trustpilot

Business Transparency on Trustpilot

Trustpilot keeps the activities of registered businesses transparent is on its platform. This is crucial to keep the platform reliable and useful for consumers. So that any visitor can know how does the relevant company address positive or negative comments about their products or services. It is also possible to find answers to the below-listed questions in the business transparency pages:

  • When did the business claim their Trustpilot profile?
  • Does the business welcome both positive and negative reviews?
  • Is the business is a paid subscriber to Trustpilot features?
  • What is the overall response time and ratio to answer negative reviews?

This is not a complete list as users can gain more detailed insights on the business transparency pages such as monthly star distribution rating, flagging rates, and more. Checking the business profile before doing a review can help users have an educated guess about the response time.

FAQ about Is Trustpilot Reliable

Can businesses reply to Trustpilot reviews?

The platform allows and even encourages businesses to reply to reviews. Businesses that claimed their page could reply to any review. However, customers or other users can’t reply to customer reviews or business replies. To continue the conversation, the platform suggests editing the original review.

How can I get my Trustpilot rating up?

There are several methods to get more Trustpilot reviews and get your rating up. The most effective ones are asking customers to leave a review, sending an email after they’ve made a purchase, placing links on your socials, and including cards on package deliveries. Or you can simply buy reviews.

Is Trustpilot free to use?

Trustpilot is a free platform for both customers and businesses. So anyone can sign up, leave, and read reviews on Trustpilot.

How does Trustpilot make money?

The Trustpilot business model is based on paid subscriptions. Businesses work with the platform to have various benefits, including automated responses, review insights, customized analytics, and more.

Can companies delete Trustpilot reviews?

Trustpilot doesn’t let companies delete or edit reviews on the platform. Then the platform decides whether the company is right or not and delete the content.

Is Trustpilot Reliable in Summary

In this article, we have covered flagged and verified reviews, as well as business transparency pages. Trustpilot has more than a hundred million online customer reviews. Its vast customer base makes the platform one of the most popular dedicated customer review platforms. So, this leads to questions regarding the integrity of all these reviews on the platform. All in all, it is safe to say that Trustpilot is a reliable platform. So much so that you should buy Trustpilot reviews by visiting our page. This way, your sales will soar and your credibility will increase.

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  1. The above description of how Trustpilot works is NOT wholly accurate.
    Reviews posted following invitation by the company are marked ‘invited’ and NOT ‘verified’.
    Some ‘invited’ reviews do NOT get posted, as was my personal experience, and this appears to be at the company’s discretion.
    A review marked ‘verified’ means that Trustpilot has seen additional information from the reviewer usually following ‘flagging’ by the company, and that the report is truly verified as being the result of a genuine customer experience.
    This means ‘invited’ reviews are likely to be Positive whilst reports without the invited mark are much more likely to be negative.
    There appears to be little in place by Trustpilot to prevent bogus reports from a ‘mutual admiration society’ of manipulative companies who support each other in providing fake reports.
    This fact unfortunately makes Trustpilots overall star rating potentially highly inaccurate.
    Trustpilot overtly depends on seeing ‘proof’ when judging what is considered fact.
    Proof is the hardest thing to provide in the face of uncovering fraudulent practices. and the absence of proof is not in itself proof.