Interesting Facts About Instagram

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Being the most powerful and popular social media platform, Instagram is getting much bigger with its crowded users. What makes Instagram so popular and preferred social media platform among the users is that its simple, user-friendly interface and interactivity. Users can be interacted with each other easily while they share their photos, videos, make comments, likes and follow each other. So, it is very important to add followers on Instagram free. As there are paid alternatives of getting followers on Instagram, you won’t need it much as there are ways to add followers on Instagram free. You need to be active user in order to do that.

Just as it is important to add followers on Instagram free, it is also good to know some interesting facts about Instagram so that you can use it more effectively.

Instagram Was Bought By Facebook

The first thing that should be known about Instagram is that it was bought by Facebook. It was first developed in 2010 and bought by Facebook for 1 billion dollars after for a while. According to the reports that was made with the founders of Instagram, they seem to be regretful to sell Instagram as it got its popularity after it was sold. So, you should know that Instagram belongs to Facebook. You can integrate your Facebook account with Instagram and use it more effectively.

Instagram Has Almost 400 Million Registered Users

An interesting fact that should be known about Instagram is that it has almost 400 million registered users and the number is increasing day by day. Besides, almost 75 million users use Instagram much. This huge number shows us why you should have an account on Instagram. You can have some benefits of the popularity of this great social media platform.

Interesting Facts About Instagram
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