Instagram’s Categories Update Changed Explore Page

Instagram’s Categories Update Changed Explore Page

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Instagram has grown in very short time and update itself as much as it can today we are going to talk about one of the latest updates: Categories.

Instagram Explore Page and Categories

Explore page is the page that you can find any post that sort by an algorithm from any users.

You can see the post of users who you do not follow them, this is a great place to get new followers.

We do not know how this page exactly works but it most probably depends on engagements rate.

You should follow each and every step we already covered in our blog to be in the explore page.

Once your post shown in the explore page you will realize that your engagement rate are insanely increasing.

Explore page depends on a specific algorithm it does not mean you will be always in the explore page after once you have been.

Because of this algorithm you should not be lazy about posting in Instagram.

One of the most important tricks to posting Content following Instagram rules such as hashtags, tags, posting day, posting time, posting interval and engagements from you.


Hashtags are the key if you want to your post shown easily to other users. A photo in football stadium with #russia2018 will more more seen than a photo in the stadium without no hashtags or irrelevant hashtags

You should use hashtags from the hashtags pool by choosing the most popular ones.


Tags will give you engagements directly according to research about Instagram tagging people tend to like posts that they have tagged.

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Without spamming tag people as musch as you can.

Posting Day – Time and Interval

It is important to post at the perfect time as much as posting great content.

Your engagement rate will decrease if you post that content at the 03.00 am.

Check best time for posting for your country or followers type and post in the exact time.

Posting interval is another important point because if you post like once an hour your followers may bored.

It decrease your engagements if you post barely. Unfortunately there is no exact posting interval right now.

Analyze your followers and find best interval.

Another important way to get engagement and followers is buy Instagram followers, it is easy and secure.

There is a video about new Instagram update for explore page categories.

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