Instagram Will Add Video Call

According to a tech news internet site Instagram testing video call feature. Video call is a visual conversation between two or more people. Facebook and Whatsapp have a video call but Instagram has not video call yet.


Social media app Instagram will have video calls according to beta info. The tech site says Facebook wants to make all social media app similar. But Instagram just had last seen and GIF feature and users did not wait for a new medical update from Facebook.

A week ago we introduced to screenshot notifications and Instagram still on it. But it did not release, users still waiting for screenshot notification feature and story type update. The type will allow to Instagram users writing more word in Instagram stories. Also, screenshots will make users be aware of their Instagram post have been copied by other users.

These two updates should come before the Instagram video call update. These three update still in test process but first heads are screenshot notifications and story type feature. We will see altogether when will Instagram release this three new feature.

Instagram Video Call How It Works?

New Instagram video call feature will be accessible from the Instagram direct message. In the direct message, users can make video calls but not with everyone. Instagram users can only make video calls with their followers and who have a conversation on the direct message before. So if you want to make a video call you must have direct message conversation with that person before.


As you see from the image, in the direct message there will be a video call icon and if you want to make Instagram video call just tapping on the icon will be enough.


The feature is in the development process so it can be available a few months later or soon. Of course, the video call feature will be available for Android and iOS.

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Instagram Will Add Video Call
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