Instagram vs Snapchat : Stories War

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Instagram vs Snapchat

Instagram vs Snapchat. Or as it called; Stories War. This was one of the social media wars that happened and many people remember it. Now’s the time to go back and review it again. What it was, how it was, why it was, and how it ended.

How it All Started / Background

Snapchat was founded in 2011. It really was a creative application(still is very much so), with the photos, short videos that we call snaps, filters, texts, and stickers. Also, the posts would self-destruct after 24 hours. Now naturally, this took social media by storm. Young people loved Snapchat. Vertical videos became popular because of this application. Snapchat created a new way of storytelling. Snapchat has always been a creative application, even nowadays it has new filters, 3D bitmojis and such.

Now, remember Mark Zuckerberg actually wanted to buy Snapchat back then, offered $3 billion, but Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel rejected it. Even just from this, you can see that Facebook had their eyes on making this kind of app.

We go around 2016 now. Snapchat was doing good, it was on the rise, its developers had high hopes. Instagram was doing alright but it started to slow down.

House Always Wins

When Instagram Stories started to exist, people didn’t really see it as Instagram vs Snapchat. They mostly saw it as a wannabe Snapchat clone. But it became a serious competitor very quickly. Most importantly, this sparked the change vibes on Instagram. When they saw creativity and evolving works, they started to go all in and it worked great so far.

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Because of Instagram Stories, Snapchat lost as much as 40% stories being posted. They weren’t getting any new stories to make up for it also. People were moving fast to Instagram. Facebook’s team knew marketing and how to get people, they were the house and the house was winning.

Why Users Moved to Instagram

Because people who’re heavily active on social media are doing it to be seen, and Instagram Stories was a better option to be seen. Simple as that. They didn’t care as much about creativity and such, because at this time social media already got incredibly mainstream and an average minded person on social media only cares about money or fame. Instagram Stories had more of these two than Snapchat, so people started migrating fast.

Also learning Snapchat was more of a difficult experience. The app didn’t hold you by your hand, didn’t show you around and such. But Instagram Stories did. Guess what, people actually like to be taught everything. The interference was also a huge point in why IS won and SC lost.

This is because, in Instagram vs Snapchat war, Instagram simply had a lot more resources on their side. They offered more features, they offered the option to tag people and brands, they offered more views. They offered more basically.

Social Media Influencers and Marketing

Marketer’s lives revolve around getting numbers. Instagram Stories got the numbers and came into the platform fast. When Social Media Influencers realized there are more views in Instagram stories, they jumped the ship immediately and even encouraged marketers to do the same. So much for loyalty!

Business Effect of Instagram Stories

Businesses like Instagram in general. They also liked Instagram Stories in general. Considering it’s all about the money, there wasn’t much to do after that. 8 out of 12 influencers chose IS(Instagram Stories) over SC(SnapChat). IS didn’t stop though, they kept developing and doubled their popularity among top businesses and influencers. So when it’s about business, winner of Instagram vs Snapchat is clearly the former.

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The business part of Instagram is a whole another world. We talk a lot about it on this blog. So that’s why I won’t get into it too much. If you’re interested in this topic or have a business, you already know what kind of success Instagram is having with that in general.

End of War

At the result of these events, Snapchat lost so many brands and so much traffic. Especially after their ‘trusted’ social media influencers jumped the ship, Snapchat started to become an average app. It’s not losing much at this day, but not gaining either. Snapchat said they have plans to change things at the core of the app, but it remains to be seen. Basically, Instagram Stories won this  Instagram vs Snapchat war.

New Players in Town

Instagram vs Snapchat

After seeing the success of Instagram Stories, WhatsApp and Facebook both also started their own Story Apps. Thing is, though; all three of these are owned by Facebook; so what’s the point really. The point mostly is the choice. WhatsApp is a very popular app in certain parts of the world, so they implemented Story features on it. So far it worked, WhatsApp is at the top, close to Instagram Stories. Social media executives found out that people love story aspects in everything, so what’ll happen next, we don’t know. But it sure is going to be something exciting, hopefully.

In this article, I wanted to tell you about the ‘Story Wars’ briefly, wanted to tell you about the good old days in Snapchat when it was all low-key. But then it all changed, social media exploded, Snapchat was too “weird” for normies. It’s still going, though. Nobody knows what can happen with social media.

Hope you enjoyed it. If you liked, feel free to comment and such.

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Instagram vs Snapchat : Stories War
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