Instagram vs Snapchat, Which Is Better?

Instagram vs Snapchat, Which Is Better?

Both Instagram and Snapchat are quite popular and are used worldwide. Many corporate and personal brands use Instagram and Snapchat to promote their products or services. But which app is better? Who is the winner of Instagram vs Snapchat battle? 

To determine for all these questions, you need to first define your job and ask you some questions. After that, you need to check out a full comparison between Instagram and Snapchat, which is listed below, then you can find the best answers for your job. 

Best App to Promote Your Brand

What Is the Best App to Promote Your Brand? 

To find the answer, try to ask yourself these questions: 

  • What is the target audience? 
  • What type of content do you want to share? 
  • Do you want to have a public profile or private profile for an only specific audience? 
  • Do you need an analytics tool? 
  • Is your target audience more interested in Instagram or Snapchat?
Instagram vs Snapchat Comparision

Instagram vs Snapchat: Full Comparison 

Now let’s see the difference between Snapchat and Instagram. 


The first thing that you need to do is analyzing the user profile of these apps. Instagram has 400 million daily users whereas Snapchat has 173 million daily users. Instagram is used mostly by women comparing to men, and the general age group is below 49. Snapchat has a younger profile. 60% of the users in Snapchat is below 25. 


You can share photos, videos, and stories on Instagram. Instagram offers high resolution and filtered content. On the other hand, Snapchat only offers stories and snaps. Mostly contents in Snapchat are raw and unfiltered. 


Instagram profiles, if they are public profiles, are easier to find. Many people can explore them while they are on Instagram. Snapchat has private profiles, and it aims for a specific audience. Instagram is better to access more people who do not know your brand. 

Analytics and Business Tools: 

Instagram has an analytic tool for business accounts. Also, many free business tools are available. Snapchat does not have a free analytic tool. But there are few paid analytics and business tools available. 


In terms of ads and their types, both Instagram and Snapchat are similar. But Instagram ads are cheaper, comparing Snapchat. 


Which is safer Instagram or Snapchat?

In general, Instagram is obviously safer for teens. The content in Snapchat disappears after it’s posted. That’s why inappropriate content is more common on Snapchat. 

Is Snapchat similar to Instagram?

They have many similarities. But the biggest difference is the content disappears in a few seconds after posting.

Are there any business tools on Snapchat?

Even Snapchat does not have free available business tools, there are few paid business tools that you can use in the growth of your brands like Storyheap and Pepper Filters.


Both Instagram and Snapchat have many things to offer to their users. While making decisions on Instagram vs. Snapchat, you need to define your business and targets of it first. Ask yourself some questions to understand who is your audience, and what do they want from you? Then, decide on what type of content do you need? Examine the features of Instagram and Snapchat and decide which matches your audience and needed content. 

If you want to learn more about both Instagram and Snapchat, check out our articles about them.

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  1. Instagram vs Snapchat is hard to decide. I say Instagram, because I use it more often and it offers more than Snapchat. Yet, it boils down to personal taste and use.