Instagram vs Facebook, When to Use Which One?

Instagram vs Facebook, When to Use Which One?

Instagram and Facebook are both quite popular and used all over the world. For that reason, they are really useful tools to improve your business and for brand strategy. But how and when do you use them in your business? Instagram vs Facebook, who is the winner of the game? You will find the answers according to your business in our contents. 

Well, we cannot actually say there is a winner, because there are times that one is better than the other. It is actually about the audience and the engagement of these social media platforms. Both Facebook and Instagram are very popular. As the pioneer of the new social media understanding, Facebook saw the potential of Instagram and bought it in 2012. So, we may say that it is actually Facebook trying to reach out to a different audience. Yet, it is doing it with another platform, which is very clever. Now let’s take a look at when to use which one, Instagram vs Facebook.

The Audience of Instagram vs Facebook 

The demographics comparison between Instagram and Facebook can be a good criterion to choose one of them for your business. We can conclude comparison results in terms of demographics between Instagram and Facebook in that order: 

  • Facebook has a broad range in terms of age demographics, it has users of almost all ages and mostly in the 18-29 age group. Instagram also has many users, and the majority of them are below 20 or in the 18-29 age gap. The difference between Instagram and Facebook is the age group. Instagram is more preferred by younger people, while it is the opposite for Facebook. 
  • In terms of household income, Facebook again has a broader range. You can find people from different economic groups. Instagram is not really far away from Facebook but has users who have higher household income. 
Engagement Comparison Between Instagram and Facebook

Engagement Comparison Between Instagram and Facebook 

For engagement, Instagram and Facebook offer different things: 

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  • Facebook has a different layout that allows us to share more posts in different types. You can share photos, videos, articles, etc., which makes Facebook better to inform people and access them. Facebook is a better option if you prefer to use different post contents for your business. 
  • Instagram has a specific layout and focused on visual content. But Instagram is known by challenges and popular streaming videos. That’s why Instagram is a good option for engagement, especially towards the younger audience. 


Both Instagram and Facebook are widely used apps all over the world. If you want to use them as marketing tools and decide who the winner of Instagram vs Facebook battle is, define your audience and their expectations. Your audience will show you the right path that you need to follow. 

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