Instagram Video Upload Error: Full Solution

Instagram Video Upload Error
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Instagram users share millions of posts every day and generally they don’t face any problem while posting in video format. But sometimes some users face video upload error. If you encounter posting problem in just video sharing, here are causes of it.

Why I can’t Upload Video?

The most frequent problem in video upload causes from insufficient memory. When we upload video, we think it is not be stored by your cell phone. But actually, your phone saves videos at Instagram folder. That’s why full memory can be reason not to upload video on Instagram.

Also, the format of video is important for Instagram. If you use your phone to take video, then you can be sure about the suitability of your video. But in the case of using another device, video in any other format is hard to post on Instagram.

Sometimes, using old version of Instagram is one of the reasons. So, be sure about you use last version of Instagram.

How Can I Fix It?

To solve video upload error, try this procedure:

  • Check you use the last version of Instagram. Update it if it is necessary
  • Check whether or not the memory of your cell phone is full. If it is full, go to settings of the cell phone. Click on storage section and find Instagram on the list. Delete all stored data of Instagram.
  • Try to post video again. If your problem continues, look at the format of the video. Your format must be suitable mobile format.
  • Convert the video into suitable format with the help of different mobile apps. Try to post it again.
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If this procedure is not helpful for you, communicate with support center of Instagram. Write them you try all the procedure and your problem still goes on. Troubleshooting service of Instagram definitely solves the problem in 24 hours.

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