How to Download Videos from Instagram on IOS or iPad and Android

How to Download Videos from Instagram on IOS or iPad and Android

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As Above So Below – Apps In Apps Out – Ways In Ways Out – What all this for?

All this hassle is focused on how to figure out ways for downloading/saving videos from Instagram to IOS or Android devices. Indeed many ways – many apps out there making it possible.

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Certainly Yes to Copyright and Distributing Rights But No To Mess & Trouble!

User Comfort IN – Stress OUT! We all want to be able to download videos easily and quickly, Please No Cry!

In every sense of the word its content has become the “Crowned King” in Social Media,  since giant social network Instagram has never been more popular and is a hub of more than 45 billion photos and videos, with 110 million more being shared every day,

While exploring the stories shared by friends and other people from around the globe, we often come across some stunning videos, which we like to store in our special library. Instagram makes it difficult primarily to protect the individual Instagram user’s copyright on their pictures and videos.

There is no direct way in the Instagram app to download Instagram videos or photos. Similarly, Instagram has no inbuilt feature to facilitate reposting. But, there are multiple sites and apps out there offering 1-click away Instagram video downloads and reposts. There are also available other on-line tools as well.

Been There – Done That? Already tried a few ways? A few tryouts; This App That App – That Way This Way – But Dont Worry, We Analyzed It All!

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Altough  there are 3 methods to Download/Save Instagram Photos/Videos, , lets us tell you first and foremost that one of the methods is widely used and recommended, Using Apps!

Having said all that we surely and certainly should mention the very fact that having the ability to share and distribute content which may not be yours to use might cause trouble. Please be aware of infringing the copyright of others, as this is an area companies like Instagram are truly very sensitive. Before sharing someone else’s content, it is highly advised to make sure you attribute them in some way, or seek their permission to do so.

As using Apps is the most widely accepted – recommended method, there are mainly 3 different methods for  Downloading/Saving Instagram Photos/Videos such as;

  • Method 1: Download Instagram Photos via a URL
  • Method 2: App Solutions
  • Method 3: Jailbreak

Download Instagram Photos via a URL

One of the ways to save Instagram photos is by using the URL of the image you want. Although not too much a preferred way, it is known to be a tried and tested solution, but it works and it’s not that hard to do. Here’s how to save Instagram photos using the URL bar:

  •  Open Instagram and navigate to the photo you wish to download
  •  Tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen
  •  Select ‘copy share URL’

  •  Open Safari and ‘paste and go’ the URL you’ve just copied
  •  Open notes and start a new note
  •  Press Long the note to paste the picture here
  •  Select the ‘share’ button

  • Tap save image
  •  Your image is now in your camera roll

It may not feel that easy, but it certainly works. It might seem like a bit headache method, but being persistent about the process works it out. Try it yourself, and once you’ve tried the process a few times then the rest is easy.  Of course, if you like something a little more nicer-easier and faster, you are definitely recommended to use our app-based solution below.

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Method 2: App solution

There are literally dozens of apps in the App & Google Play Store that let you save photos and videos from Instagram to your phone. The purpose these apps have been created is to end the hassles of how to save Instagram photos to camera roll on your phone. The good side of it most of them are free, but what is boring to see is, they usually contain in-app purchases, tons of ads, and aren’t always the best looking apps. But whatever works…

As there are so many apps available to download, they all have the same user manual almost. There might be a few small differences from app to app here and there but in nature they all are the same. Here’s how to do it;

  • Find a Reposting App for Instagram on the App / Google store and download it to your device
  • Open Instagram on your Phone. Navigate to the image you’d like to save to your Phone
  •  Next, tap on the three dots at the top right of the video and select Copy Link in the menu.

  • Next up, open the App on your phone you downloaded for Instagram reposting. The moment you launch the app, the link is automatically copied in the text field. Now, all you need to do is just hit the Add to Favorites button.
  • Next, tap on Download at the bottom right corner. You will be asked to allow the app to access your Photos for the first time, tap on OK in the pop-up.

  • That’s pretty much it! The video will be saved to your library. Now you have your photo or video from Instagram right there.  With these apps to save Instagram videos/photos users can also opt to store it to iCloud Drive, Dropbox or to instantly share it on any of their social apps.

Method 3: Jailbreak

If you have a jailbroken device and are trying to figure out how to save Instagram photos on Phone that are free from the Apple – Google Store restrictions, there are some tools you can download to enable you to do this. A number of apps can be selected such as Instagram++, InstaEnhancer and InstaTools, all would let you download Instagram photos on Phone easily.

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