Instagram Video Call Released

What is Instagram Video Call ?

Instagram video call is, social media app Instagram’s new communication feature. With this new feature Instagram users can make a video call like Facebook and Whatsapp.

According to popular tect news blogs and news sites, Instagram preparing to released video call feature. There is no official statement from Instagram but some users shared a photo about new video call feature’s icons. In the photo we can see all video call icons and their names. If you take a deep look at following photo you can see all video call icons.


From the top right in the picture we can see the first icon and the name of video call feature. We guess Instagram developers still trying to find right name and the right icon for video call feature.

As you know Instagram, released four important and different feature from beginning of the year. First one was Last Seen feature for Instagram direct message, and second one was a story feature, we called it GIF feature.

Third one was little bit different and more radical from others. The story screen shot alert feature was released like a month ago. And now we need to be ready for Instagram video call feature.

An Android User Found It

According to news an android user found this clue in his Instagram apk. If you use Instagram via an android phone you can install the app with an apk. Apk means a install package for android phones. What so ever the user who found the video call icons in his smart phone, shared this photo in his social media profile and said i think video call feature will come in soon for Instagram. The news spread like a thunder speed and now we waiting for the video call update.

Stay in tocuh we will be here soon with more information.


Instagram Video Call Released
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