Instagram Verification Badges Update

Instagram Verification Badges

Instagram Verification Badges became a need in 2018, because lots of users ask for badges to and the only answer is you can not doing anything for now.

First of all it is not about your followers number otherwise all our clients would have verification badges because of buy instagram followers service

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Instagram Verification Badges will be Available for Everyone

Instagram has been used verification badges since 2014 but still every users can not have it.

Only celebrities and politicians and etc. can have this badges, users can not buy or request this badges.

Buy particularly in 2018 Instagram has get great increase in its users count and popularity and provide tons of updates.

Instagram Verification Badges will be one of these updates and users can not wait for this next updates.

We do not know the exact process but if you meet some specific circumstances you will have the badges.

Terms and Conditions of Badges Before Update

Verification badge as you all know a blue sign that shows the only and real owner of the account is you and no one can not share your photos without your permission.

As we sad before you can not request a verification badges or buy from anywhere (be careful about people who try to sell you anyhing about badges)

If you spend enough time in Instagram and be well-known in your society your fame will have Instagram attention and you can have it.

This new update will be more fair because there are millions of users post great content and do not have it while a politician have badge just because of s/he is a politician.

It also does not mean you will have the badge if you have it in your Facebook account.

Main goal of Instagram prevent spam account and increase user experience.

Instagram Verification Badges Update
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