5 Ways to Get Verified on Instagram (Updated)

5 Ways to Get Verified on Instagram (Updated)

So, you want to see the coveted blue tick badge next to your username on Instagram. Many users desire to have one, perceiving it as a social status among Instagrammers. Initially, Instagram verified brands, public figures, and celebrities in a bid to avoid confusion. Here we will touch upon the ways to get the verified label on Instagram.

There could be many usernames, similar to Kim Kardashian or Nike. To designate real Nike in the crowd, Instagram opts to verify these brands and personas.

However, now, users can apply to have the blue tick on their accounts. Although the procedure is straightforward, there is no guarantee or time frame when you see the blue tick.

How to Apply to Get Verified on Instagram

Here is how you can apply to be verified on Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Next, go to your account.
  3. Then, tap on three horizontal lines at the upper left.
  4. After, tap on Settings.
  5. Tap on Account.
  6. Then, tap on Request Verification.
  7. Next, you need to enter information to prove that you are the person you claim to be.
  8. Lastly, hit Send.

Instagram’s Criteria for Verified Accounts

The procedure is simple; however, there is no way to know when Instagram will verify you. The social platform’s official guidelines mention four criteria:

  • Authentic: The account must represent a real person, registered business, or entity.
  • Unique: The account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents.
  • Complete: The account must be public and have a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. Your profile can’t contain “add me” links to other social media services.
  • Notable: Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity.

Instagram tells users that it carries out reviews in multiple news sources to ensure that the person who applied for verification has an internet personality.

5 Tips to Get the Blue Tick on Instagram

While keeping in mind these official points, here are 5 points you should consider whether or not you can get the popular blue thick.

Do not concentrate solely on Instagram.

This suggestion may sound weird. However, it would be better to say that we do not just concentrate on Instagram. You must exist on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook to be a real influencer and have an internet personality.

If you have many followers on Instagram without having any personality on other social platforms, you can easily be found on the image-sharing platform. That’s why people can find you in no time on Instagram without confusing other users.

Instagram Verification

There are many Kim Kardashians on Instagram. So, the social platform verifies real Kim Kardashian to distinguish from other fake accounts.

If you have the personality on multiple social platforms and earned the status of being “influencer,” therefore, Instagram will verify your account in no time.

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

Instagram’s popularity grew around hashtags. If you post your image or video without hashtags, you miss many audiences, money, and the essence of the social platform.

Experts point out that even one hashtag in your content can increase engagement by 12.6 percent. You can use up to 30 hashtags per content.

Add popular hashtags in your content to reach wider audiences while contributing to Instagram’s cause.

Many use hashtags such as: #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #tbt, #beautiful, #cute, #me, #happy, #fashion, #followme.


However, it is equally important to develop your unique hashtag and call-to-action in your posts to gain influence and popularity on Instagram. That will increase your chance to be verified.

Create your brand’s aesthetic

There are one billion active users monthly on Instagram. To be a prominent figure among these people, you must become a logo; you must have a style and be consistent with this style. For instance, if you love coffee, be consistent in sharing coffee and similar photos to be recognized.

Coffee on Instagram

Speaking of being consistent, try to use similar filters, perspective, and color. Also, this approach will serve others that your Instagram account is legit.

Your biography and captions matter

To prove that you are the person whom you claim to be, of course, goes through having a robust bio. Include as many details as you can to show that you are a real person.

Instagram Bio

The bio is the front place that you create an image for yourself. You have to be sure that the bio represents you in the best possible way.

Do not fake your persona.

Just like other social platforms, Instagram can spot cheaters without much effort. You are in a digital world. There are many tools to cross-check whether or not a person is a cheater or not. Especially if you want to be verified, be true to the social platform, your followers, and yourselves. Don’t break your code.

Be genuine in your comments and posts. Otherwise, you may be blocked by Instagram for good.

Instagram Verification Badges - instafollwoers.co

What Is a Verification Badge?

The verification badge is a checkmark below your profile picture that shows your account is not fake, zombified, or copied—proof of genuine profile given by Instagram itself.

After all, there many fake accounts out there. Some of them are harmless, like liking bots and services, yet some of them may target you instead!

With a verification badge, you can prove to your friends that your account is the real and original one instead of the fake ones!

Such a badge may not be so important to personal profiles, yet for corporations and generally known people like celebrities, it is crucial to have one.

Requirements to Have a Verification Badge

It is easy to get a Verification Badge, yet it takes time for the wait. You need to have an identity card, or a driver’s license prepared to get verified on Instagram; be:

  • Unique: Your account must represent a real person or corporation.
  • Open: A verified account can’t be hidden and can’t take a follow request
  • Known: Your account must represent a known person

How to Request a Badge

According to Instagram’s Help Desk, it is a really simple process to do it. You can either get the information from here or reading the information below.

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to the account you’re requesting a verified badge for.
  2. Go to your profile and tap.
  3. Tap Settings > Request Verification.
  4. Enter your full name and provide the required form of identification (government-issued photo ID).
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Pro Tips to Improve Your Chance of Getting the Badge

There are a few ways to do it. Here is a list for you.

Getting Popular Among Other Social Media Networks

Use YouTube, Twitter, or any familiar social media platform as best as you can.

Remember, before those social media platforms, no one knew a title called “YouTuber,” yet today, we consider them as next-generation celebrities.

Social Media

Take Your Chance with Facebook First

Get a verification badge from Facebook! It is a much more simple process and helps you to get one from Instagram!

What You Can’t Do with Your Badge

After various steps, you finally got your badge! Here is a list of behaviors you need to avoid!

  • You can’t sell your badge.

A badge is unique to a person and can not be sold! On Instagram’s help page, it is very clear that if you attempt to transfer, advertise, or sell your badge Instagram will remove it!

  • You can’t use your profile picture to promote other services.

After your badge has given, you became unique! You can’t advertise anything over your profile picture! This is another rule that makes your badge gone in an attempt to neglect!

  • Attempting to verify your account over a third-party app.

Instagram is the only authority to verify your account on the platform! Don’t try to verify your account over third-party apps.

FAQs About Getting Verified on Instagram

I made a verification request; how long will it take to be reviewed?

Although there’s no official statement for the duration of the review for your Instagram account, you’ll probably receive a response within 30 days. Still, some users may need months to get a response; on the contrary, some can even get a response within hours.

How does Instagram decide who gets verified?

As Instagram states, a verified badge means “Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

What happens when you request verification on Instagram?

Once you send your verification request, you can do nothing but wait to receive a response from the Instagram team about the result of your request.

Can a regular person get verified on Instagram?

There are some cases that a regular person gets verified on Instagram, but usually, this does not happen because, as Instagram clearly states, you have to be known by a base of public mass.

Can Instagram take away your verification?

It’s possible for Instagram to remove verified badges at any time. Your verified badge can be removed if Instagram detects that you advertise, transfer, or sell your badge.

To Conclude The Ways to Get Verified on Instagram

After finishing this guide, you should know very well how to get verified on Instagram. Knowledge is power, and you can use what you have learned here to build a strong social media marketing strategy. But remember: a with great power comes a great responsibility. Once you have built awareness of your brand, you will have to work hard to keep the appearances beautiful.

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