Instagram Users Count has Doubled Snapchat

Instagram Users Count has Doubled Snapchat

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Since Instagram took its Stories feature from Facebook, it has been so popular that its users has doubled Snapchat. Facebook has announced that there are 300 millions of Instagram users. So, if you wonder how many people use Instagram stories we can say 300 million people. This impressive number continues to increase when compared to Snapchat users as it currently has 173 million users.

Instagram Users Count Continues to Increase

The number of users who use stories reached up to 200 million in last April. At that time the number of users who used Snapchat was about 158 million. In the following time improvement process of Instagram can be seen. Nevertheless, Snapchat couldn’t improve much. It is interesting that there are many users who share stories on Instagram still using Snapchat filters. Although its huge number of users Instagram hasn’t still much filters and also they aren’t as good as filters of Snapchat. However, Instagram is including new features with its improvements day by day. Recently, there has been an improvement on Stories and we also talked about this on our previous post. If this process goes on, Instagram will improve its lacks. For example, new photo filters may be included and they can be better than current ones. Then users won’t need to use Snapchat for filters any more. So, what will Instagram do next? Will Snapchat, its serious competitor do some improvements or stay at its position? We will see.

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Instagram Users Count has Doubled Snapchat
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