Instagram Usage Insights will Show Spending Time on Instagram

Instagram Usage Insights
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Instagram Usage Insights let users see how much time they spend on the app thus users will be able to protect themselves from overuse of Instagram.

This feature also available for Facebook and both work perfectly.

It is not a good thing show to users how much time they have spent on the app by app creators but interestingly Facebook and Instagram have no problem with it.

Despite Facebook’s greed we still do not understand how and who let this perfect app.

This picture at below shows daily and also weekly usage.

You can see your daily average at the top and set a reminder to not use the app.

With this new update you will be also able to customize notification and choose what kind of notification you will get.

Instagram Usage Insights

As we sad before also Facebook use this new update and let user manage their time on Facebook.

Here is a photo from Facebook users insight.

Facebook Usage Insights

Daily Reminder embedded in Instagram Usage Insight

With the help of daily reminder you can set up an alarm that warns you when you have reached your time limit that you have already planned.

It is available both in Facebook and Instagram, it is as same as an alarm clock you can change the time limit, you can delay the reminder and you can mute it.

Muting Push Notifications for Instagram Usage Insights

Push notifications are generally means good news, but sometimes they can be boring and users do not want to get notification.

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With the new update you will be able to manage your notification as exactly as you wish.

As you will realize Facebook (also owner of Instagram) care about user experience and ready themselves to lose money.

The managers Ameet Ranadive:

We want the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram to be intentional, positive and inspiring,”

The product management director at Instagram, and David Ginsberg, the director of research at Facebook, said in a statement. “Our hope is that these tools give people more control over the time they spend on our platforms and also foster conversations between parents and teens about the online habits that are right for them.”

Instagram Usage Insights will Show Spending Time on Instagram
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