Instagram Comes With Amazing Feature Updates in Jun

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Instagram Updates Will Delivered in Jun

Instagram Update plans have been finished in the first half of May, next month we can meet with those updates. Updates contain GoPro and Spotify integration and also Vr/Ar support.

Instagram is at the top of the Internet but still, it has been improving. The first reason is Instagram do not want share sam end with Snapchat. After stories updates, Snapchat starts losing more than %50 its users.

The other reason could be in short-term innovations users will never get bored when using the app.

Jun will be a big update month for Instagram here is some of those exciting updates.

  1. Explore Page: Finally, explore page get the redesign and more useful for specific users. Pinterest users claim that Instagram directly copied the design. New explore page will give users more control on the post and other users.
  2. Anti-Bullying: New updates will provide to hide users and their posts without banning, thus whenever you do not want to see anyone you can hide him.
  3. Ar Updates: New filters will be more appropriate with Ar technology. This is a small step for story games but in the next months, we will get notified about it.
  4. Video Group Chat: Users love direct messages but Instagram took this messaging technology further and let users have video chat, moreover this video chat let groups chat.
  5. Spotify Integration: Firstly MSN Messenger have used a kind of this feature, users will be able to share music or what are they listening at that time with Spotify extension.
  6. GoPro Integration: GoPro lovers will definitely love this update because Instagram will let users share videos from GoPro to stories.
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This is enormous updates and could send part by part but at last, we will be able to use this exciting features.

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