Instagram Trends of (Growing Trends)

Instagram Trends of (Growing Trends)

Instagram is a social media platform that plays a big role in our lives, where we spend lots of time. With more than 1 billion users currently, Instagram ranks 3rd among the most popular applications. Instagram was only a photo-sharing application at first, but it has become a platform where you can both shop and run your business with the developing social media culture and its trends.

What Are the Trends on Instagram in 2021?

Instagram shows us different trends every while. In this article, we have compiled 2021 Instagram trends for those who want to stay on top of this issue. Let’s take a look at these together. 

Instagram Posts

Did you know that you can share ten photos at the same time on Instagram? This feature called the carousel post is the perfect savior for those times when you thought you couldn’t tell your story with a single photo!

If you want to share many photos from one of your travels or promote the product you want to sell in many ways, this feature is for you.

To create a carousel post, simply go to the create post section and select photos from your gallery!

Instagram Stories

By adding polls and tests to your Instagram stories, you can allow your target audience to contact you directly.

How to Add a Poll to Your Stories?

If you are between two options, you can use Instagram’s poll sticker to get your followers’ opinions. You can simultaneously see which option got more votes and who voted for what. Your poll results will disappear after 24 hours, just like your story.

To add a poll to your stories, all you have to do is select the stickers section’s poll.

With another new feature on Instagram, you can prepare special tests for your followers. Moreover, it includes not only two options, but four different answer options. Just like the poll feature, you can add the test feature to your story as a sticker.

To add a test to your stories, all you have to do is click the stories section, select the image in the background of the test, and then click the test from the stickers section.

Adding Music to Stories

One of the newest trends on the platform is that you can add music to your story! The feature of adding music to the story, which started to be used in our country in 2021, is used by millions of people.

To add music to your story, select the image you will use in your story, and choose the music from the stickers section.

Adding a Link to Stories

It is now much easier to direct your target audience to a site! By adding the site link to your story, you can direct your followers to the site with just one click. However, there are some rules and guidelines for you to do this. Your account must be a business account or an approved account, and you must have at least 10,000 followers.

Your story will disappear 24 hours after you upload your story. If you want your followers to see your story 24 hours later, you can pin it to your profile with Instagram’s highlights feature. Highlights will appear on your profile right below your bio and stay there until you delete them. 

Tap the new circle in the lower-left corner of your bio to Highlight your stories. Here you can choose a story in your archive. For the highlights, you can choose a cover and name it.

Instagram Challenges

Instagram users sometimes organize challenges to draw attention to a topic and sometimes just to have fun. Everyone produces their content on a specified subject. For example, recent challenges include sharing themselves ten years ago and ten years later, sharing masked photos to encourage people to take Covid-19 measures.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping

Thanks to the shopping feature of Instagram, shopping has become very easy and preferred. You can view thousands of varieties of the product you are looking for and purchase within seconds. For this, just come to the discover tab and select the shopping option. Moreover, you can add the price tag of the product on the photos.

Instagram Live

One of Instagram’s new trends is the ability to broadcast live. With this feature, users can instantly communicate with their followers. Followers can express their opinions by writing their comments during the broadcast. Users can see how many people watched the broadcast. Instagram has set the live broadcast time as 1 hour. When you exceed 1 hour, Instagram stops broadcasting, but if you want to continue, you can start a live broadcast again.



Instagram’s video duration was limited to 15 seconds for stories and 1 minute for posts. You can share longer videos with the IGTV feature. It is possible to use IGTV as a content channel, just like YouTube. The videos you upload to IGTV will remain on your profile unless you delete them.



With the development of digital media, we heard the word “influencer” frequently. So what is this influencer?

Influencer means the person who influences. They have a large following base on social media, which can easily reach people and influence people’s purchasing decisions.

Recently, brands have been working with influencers frequently to promote their products and increase their sales. Brands reach out to these people and make a business deal between them. Afterward, the influencer promotes the product by sharing it sometimes in its story, sometimes as a post, according to the employer’s instructions.

FAQs on 2021 Instagram Trends

How to upload a video to IGTV on Instagram? 

If you want to upload a video, you have to tap the + icon and select the video. For selecting a cover image for your IGTV, tap, and slide the image. (Or you can add from your Camera Roll/Galery) Enter a title. You can write a description if you want to. And click Post on the upper right corner to finish.

What are the video upload requirements for IGTV?

The videos you upload must be a minimum of one minute long. The maximum video length is 15 minutes if you’re uploading from a mobile device, 60 minutes, if you are uploading from the web. The videos you add have to be in the MP4 file format and within 9:16 or 16:9 ratio. The minimum frame rate must be 30 FPS, and the minimum resolution must be 720 pixels. 

How long can be Instagram stories?

Instagram stories can be maximum of 15 seconds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t post videos longer than 15 seconds. If the video you upload to your story is longer than 15 seconds, Instagram divides it into 15-second parts and brings it to your followers.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is when companies work with people who have a large following on social media and say on those followers to promote their products. Influencers can promote the product by a post or by sharing a story on the employer’s instruction.

How do I edit or delete a story highlight on Instagram?

Tap your profile photo in the lower right corner of your profile page.
In the Highlights section of Stories, tap and hold the story you want to delete.
Tap Delete Highlight. If you want to add more photos or videos to your story, tap Edit Highlight.

Conclusion of 2021 Instagram Trends 

In this article, we talked about some Instagram trends and how you can apply them. We hope we could help. If you liked this article, you may also like to learn more about what influencer marketing is.

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