Instagram Trends 2019

Instagram Trends 2019

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In this article we want toss hare with you the Instagram Trends of 2019 year. Who created these trends we do not know but it is obvious that they work in a way. You should may want to look these trends. Who knows, maybe they change your life forever. Let’s look details below for 2019 year’s Instagram trends. Let’s go.

Top 5 Instagram Trends of 2019

Do you want to really accelerate on Instagram in the new year? Do you have the goal to produce even better content, to inspire more followers and to increase your reach? Then you should take care now! Here are our Top 5 Instagram Trends for 2019.

Instagram Stories

The relevance of stories will increase. Last year, there were already 400 million active Instagram users who post and consume stories daily (Statista, 2019). Facebook and most experts are just beginning to see it. According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, stories this year will replace the feed posts as the dominant content form. So, it pays to rely more on stories and schedule them in Content Plan 2019! Our tips for creating Instagram stories can be found here.

Instagram Trends 2019

Offline Experiences (Travel, Events, Parties)

Does not sound like social media at first but is one of the most important trends in influencer business. Brands are increasingly relying on real-world experiences such as travel and events, as well as on photogenic installations in stores, in their collaboration with influencers. With this they create “Instagram able Moments” for the influencers. The influencers then share this unique moment on social media. The result is mostly high-quality content that benefits both brand and influencer at the same time. A good example of this is Magnum’s “Pleasure Stores”. In the stores, everyone can create their own ice cream creation and share it with their community on social media. Directly in the store there are everywhere staged Instagram photo spots including #magnum day.

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Influencers with an authentic appearance are more believable and therefore more appealing to followers as well as brands. While perfectly staged selfies and asked images get less and less attention, benefit accounts that show humanity and sometimes weaknesses. We expect that this development will intensify even further in 2019.
Instagram Trends 2019

The Micros Come

2019 should also be the year of micro or Nano-influencers. A look at developments in the influencer industry clearly shows that brands are increasingly working with smaller influencers (1’000 to 10’000 followers). Micro-influencers are very authentic ambassadors who are closely connected to their community. In addition, they are also ready for a little money or to make a mail for products. An option that can be exciting, especially for brands on a smaller budget.

IGTV/Vertical Video

With the release of Instagram TV last summer, Instagram relies heavily on videos in the vertical format. YouTube has already followed the trend and now supports portrait videos without the black bars on the edge. One can therefore assume that in 2019 we will increasingly watch videos in portrait format. Of course, in the stories too (see # 1). An ideal time to use this new format for your content. IGTV will be great for you.

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Instagram Trends 2019
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