Instagram Throwback Stories has Released

Instagram Throwback Stories has Released

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Instagram has taken Stories from Snapchat, has improved it in time and it has been so popular feature of Instagram since it was published. And now there is a new improvement on Stories. It seems many users will like that.

Photos taken before 24 hours will be able to posted

As many people know only photos and videos taken before up to 24 hours can be uploaded but there won’t be such a restriction any more. So, users will be able to post their photos and videos taken before longer than 24 hours. You can select any photo or video you want from your library and share them with your friends. Because of that restriction many users used to take screenshot of their old photos to post on stories. That means there is no need to do that any more.

Besides, when you want to post, an old a sticker will appear automatically and you will be able to add that sticker including time that photo was taken. You can resize and rotate the sticker in any direction or you can remove completely. We can call this new feature as “throwback”.

You need to have 22.version for iOS and 18.version for Android to use the new feature. So it is time to turn your “Stories” into “Memories” with throwback.

Although it is a new feature on Instagram, it has been used in Snapchat since June 2016. However, Snapchat couldn’t manage to get user’s interest much.

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Instagram Throwback Stories has Released
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