Instagram Support Line Help Cent Number Mail Address How to Contact

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The contact number for Instagram is 650-543-4800 and their contact email is [email protected], however, please note it’s extremely likely you won’t receive a response to your inquiry via these channels. Contacting Instagram is easy to do. The problem is that receiving a response back, including a resolution to your issue, is extremely difficult.

It’s necessary to grasp all of your choices for creating progress with Instagram support. This article covers the best strategies for getting the help you need.

Instagram Contact Number & Instagram Contact Email

It is such a pity that if you’re a normal Instagram user, your options are relatively limited to the official channels. It indeed feels hard to put up with it, but it’s the unfortunate nature of a free app. You and your attention are the product. That means if one of Instagram’s 800 million “products” has an issue, it’s not a high priority problem. They wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars trying to fix it. Very simple that is for Instagram to simply ignore that issue and work on a new money-making product instead.

If you’re AN influencer or a content creator with quite tens of thousands of followers, there unofficial step-up methods with variable degrees of success.

Why in the world it is so difficult to contact Instagram Support?

Instagram has over 700 million users and also the variety of support requests they receive is staggering. If just one in each one hundred users contacts Instagram once per annum, that is still over 7 million support requests a year, or 18,000 per day. Now some of you may be thinking, ‘well that’s only 700 support requests per hour’, which should be a possibility for a company with Facebook’s resources.

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We surely understand it’s not an easy issue. Non-automatable problems simply may not be fixed at a large scale for consumers of free apps. Having said that doesn’t necessarily mean hundreds of thousands of followers certainly don’t deserve some attention. These Instagram users are the ones that making Instagram and drive Facebook’s stock price up and to the right. The users indeed do need to have better solutions for escalating support issues to Instagram.

Contacting Instagram Support As a Traditional User

If you’re a normal Instagram user, receiving help is still possible. Submitting a support request is the best option. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Click through to
  2. Scroll down to bottom of and click Support
  3. In the left-hand menu, click Privacy and Safety Center
  4. Click Report Something
  5. Click on the type of issue you’re experiencing
  6. Look for a link that says report it
  7. Each issue has a unique form to fill out


Contacting Instagram Support If You’re An Influencer

In case you are an influencer, it is highly likely for you to be targeted for attack. It will most likely focus on to take control of your account for monetization, or to steal your name, probably to sell it. If you spend time in the right Facebook groups, you’ll see posts daily from influencers looking for help reclaiming control of their accounts.

As we mentioned above, Instagram does not have an official escalation way specifically for influencers. All your requests via the standard channels are not going to be heard or seen alongside the thousands of users with no profile picture and 0 followers submitting requests.

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This means your best bet is through the muddy unofficial channels. These would include of finding an individual with a contact at Instagram, most commonly a friend or a person who has had to engage with Instagram on behalf of their business, like an employee at a big advertising partner.

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you don’t have anybody who can help you, so it is better to be prepared for spending some money. Since there is a lack of official support, this has created a different market on providing unofficial Instagram support services for thousands of dollars depending on the task.

Based on how much revenue the account generates, how important it is to your brand, and the amount of work put into building your audience, it can definitely still make sense to spend a lot to reclaim your account.

Instagram Support Line Help Cent Number Mail Address How to Contact
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