Instagram Summary for The First Part of the Year

Instagram Summary
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Instagram Summary will have so fun because this first 6 months of the years was one of the best times for Instagram because active users count reach 1 billion.

After stories update Instagram get unstoppable rising and it is not stop.

We can say that Instagram shooted, hurt Snapchat, but it Killed Snapchat this year.

Instagram offers more developed news feed and posting page which always better than Snapchat’s weird interface.

1 billion active users which almost you can find whoever you search use Instagram.

Instagram has almost equals filters with Snapchat (it is better in filters), and also has much more feature which make it entertain and easier.

The effect of .new video sharing platform IGTV will not be unseen it is directly competitor of YouTube.

YouTube may be the most developed video sharing platform but we can not underestimate the IGTV which has reach fully usage from the first day of updates.

While all users thhougt that IGTV will be biggest update for the first part of the year Instagram let users video call each other and make Instagram more usefull.

Instagram Summary

So is it good or bad thing that having all feature in 1 application?

We can not answer this question directly, but Facebook did it the same and stil the first app in the world, but the advantage of Facebook is it was one of the most developed social media.

We hope that Instagram will not turn to a new facebok and we will love it.

But all this success not only Instagrams’ but also ınfluencers they made Instagram fun and wanted place. Because we know without followers there is no fun in Instagram so go head and fin followers.

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The video will inform you about statistics in detailed please share your experiements with us.

Instagram Summary for The First Part of the Year
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