Instagram Story Metric

Instagram Story Metric

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Instagram Story Metric

In this article, we’ll talk about a key Instagram story metric. What do I mean by this? Firstly, we need to get into Instagram Stories. But I’d like to think you all know stories by now. It’s incredibly popular, everyone’s using it. Even business accounts, over 50% of them use stories.

We all know Instagram stories, we’re not that good on Instagram Story Metric, known better as “Instagram Story Analytics”. I will analyze the analytics thoroughly in another big article. In this one, we’ll focus on one key Instagram story metric. First, let’s talk about how to find your Instagram story metric;

  1. Open your Instagram, tap your own picture on the upper left, start viewing your story.
  2. Swipe up while your story is playing.
  3. You will see a ton of information here. Discovery, impressions, navigation, interactions and more.
  4. If you used an interactive feature like a poll or a question, you’ll find the results here.

Now here is what we want to find. In order to create better, more engaging stories; this is what you gotta watch out for. Are you ready? It’s called;

Next Story

Instagram Story Metric

What is “Next Story”? It’s a bit self-explanatory but let’s explain it fully. Gotta be of service truly. Can’t leave any detail blurry. Okay, let’s keep going.

Next story tells you when people skip ahead to the next user’s story. Usually, this is low, between 5-10% of your total story viewers, but nonetheless, it’s an important part.

Why Is It Important

So this is basically when they’re bored of, or over your content. You should be trying to keep people interested. If they’re leaving your stories altogether, you may need to think about whys and hows. The goal is to keep people in and keep them interested in your content.

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What to Do About It

When you’re going through your stories, always check that number. If there is a story in particular where the number of ‘next story’ clicks is high, analyze what was different about this story. There’s a reason people hit the next story. You need to understand what made people skip, in order to not repeat that again.

On the contrary, if a story, in particular, has a very low next story clicks, again analyze what’s different about this story, too. Consider what was different in this story that got people interested. Your audience resonated with it, can you do it again? Sure you can.

All this is about getting intentional so you can work better. Smarter, not harder. The goal is to create a successful social platform that doesn’t take all your time and attention.


Instagram Story Metrics or Instagram Story Analytics, in general, is a great tool to use in order to figure out what’s wrong or right with your stories. In this article, we briefly mentioned a key feature. This can be seen as the first part of a series where I’ll analyze Instagram Story Analytics. Hope you enjoyed, we love to connect to feel free to drop comments and such. Also check us out, fellas.

I want to thank Chris Emmer from sweatywisdom for her inspiration and help. Below is her video on this topic. Check her out, she has great content and is active. Maybe one day we may even collab, dare I say?




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Instagram Story Metric
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