Instagram Story Marketing in Social Media

Instagram Story Marketing
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Instagram story and marketing are 2 very popular topic in today’s world, people search for new way for marketing to have attention of people.

Users love Instagram story stickers and Instagram deliver new updates almost every months.

New Stickers means new way to have attention of users.

Instagram has released lots of useful stickers and one of the most popular ones listed below;

  • Music Stickers
  • Question Stickers
  • Location Stickers
  • Hashtag Stickers
  • Mention Stickers
  • GIF Stickers
  • Polls Stickers
  • Emoji Slider

Especially emoji slider could help you for your marketing tactics for example:

Instagram Story Marketing Emoji Slider

In the photo above a user used the emoji slider wisdomly and get attention.

Every stickers has its own usage area and you need to know where to use them.

one of the most important thing in Instagram story marketing is having users attention.

It will be more easier after you got attention of followers.

Instagram Question stickers is a great assistant for your marketing strategy and you can get a lot of feedback from your followers.

Poll Stickers will help you when you can not decide and Instagram music stickers will reflect your music taste.

Each stickers has its own popularity thus you have to use them all.

Users personalize these stickers and where ever they see their popular stickers they tend to watch, like and commented on it.

The poll challenge was so popular when released but even now lots of users use it you have to take your advantage from this challenge.

Every stickers make your story colorful and fresh but do not use lots of input in your stories do not forget the main theme still is your photo.

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