Instagram 24 Hours Posts: Stories!

Instagram 24 Hours Posts
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So Stories has been out for awhile. In the comments tell us how you have been using it. We first used it just to post things for our friends or family. One of the best ways to use it is for Birthday greetings. If someone cannot be at a wedding or graduation party it is good to use. The person can feel as if the missing person is there.

It can be sent to a specific person so if you send one to a spouse that is stationed away from home it can have a stronger connection with them than just a picture. It will only stay round for 24 hours so if the person it is being sent to does not get on Instagram often then send them a text or post on Facebook to remind them to get on. There is no saying if they are totally private so you probably should think before sending something racy.

Instagram 24 Hours Posts: Stories!
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