What Is Instagram Stories Type ?

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Instagram stories type a new feature. Type is writing extension for Instagram story. It has more than two font and color options. So do you know how it works ?

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Instagram has almost 800 million users and that number last November just was 700 million. In 2017 Instagram released two significant update for users. These are news feed update and multiple sharing with Facebook and Instagram. Instagram users greeted these two updates so positive. Now we have a new up coming updates.

Instagram Stories Type Featureinstagram_type

Stories typewriting mode is a writing mode. With “type” users can make long writing story posts and also they can share videos and photos at the sametime. This extension comes for who want more writing area on Instagram.

Some social media users wants to share their written thoughts with so long posts but sometimes they wants quick reminder post either. In this situation they share their thoughts on Instagram stories. But sometimes catching the harmony of writing needs more font options and more emotion.

Typewriting mode provides to users more and more writing about what they want to write. With that idea Instagram made this story writing mode. In type mode you can use bold font, italic font, neon font and more. Also you can add GIFs from your stories and with GIFs you can make very interesting Instagram story post.

Facebook and Messenger Can Have Same Feature

Facebook always tring to make his social media apps the same. Not similar the exactly the same. When Whatsapp had last seen and read receipt feature Facebook adapted these two feature to his system. And then Instagram adapted these two feature too.

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We guess, this “effort to be the same”, bases to reality of marketing statistics. Because Facebook always tries to work with social media statistics.

In short term, that means we can see Instagram stories typewriting mode can be epidemic for other Facebook companies. And who knows maybe Instagram’s rival Snapchat will be get typewriting mode too.


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What Is Instagram Stories Type ?
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