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With its huge popularity and the great number of registered users, Instagram is the best social media app today. Millions of people log into their account and use Instagram regularly. As it is popular, many people want to be popular o Instagram for different purposes and they try various ways. For example, there are services which provide auto followers Instagram free. People get these services and get auto followers Instagram free. You may as what is the advantage of getting auto followers. The advantage is that when you get auto followers Instagram free, your profile will look popular. So, that may attract other users’ interest in your profile and you may get real followers.

Of course, there are other ways apart from getting auto followers Instagram free. You can share quality stories that take people’s interest and they may follow you. Stories are being shared and viewed by most of the users. In this article, we gathered some information that all users should know about Instagram stories.

How Are Stories Posted On Instagram?

It is simple to post stories on Instagram. When you log in to your account, you will see stories at the top of the page. You can view them as well as you can post a story when you tap + icon near them. The camera will open after you tap + icon. So, you can take a picture or video to post a story as well as pick them from the gallery. Once you choose the picture or video to upload, you can add text, emojis, location, filter according to your choice. It is up to your creativity to make your story more interesting to the users.

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Delete Your Story

When you post a story it is deleted after 24 hours. But, you can delete it whenever you want in 24 hours as well. Simply, select your story and tap trash icon. It will be deleted.

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