Instagram Stop Motion Feature has arrived

One of the most popular social media websites of the world Instagram is including new options day by day. Instagram users will have a chance to create interesting videos with stop motion option which was added under stories section.

Stories is also a new option and got user’s attention when it was added. Now it is improving with a new option called Stop Motion. You can post Stop Motion videos on stories with photos you take one after the other.

You can gather those pictures you take automatically and create GIF-like videos with this new option on Stories. But you can’t edit videos you create. So you should be sure about pictures that will be included. Then Instagram gather these photos in order.

What is Stop Motion?

Stop Motion is a GIF video including series of pictures posted on stories. Those pictures present a stunning show with impressive effects. App should be updated first to use stop motion. Tags, stickers and posts can be added to Stop Motion videos that can take up to 1 minute.

How to use Stop Motion?

In order to use Stop Motion you need to get the new update and then tap on Stories on left side of the screen. Tap on Stop Motion listed in categories and start taking photos. After you finish taking photos tap on “done” button upside and your story is ready. You can share your story after you preview it. So, you created your first Stop Motion story.

Instagram Stop Motion Feature has arrived
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  1. Samantha says:

    The successively captured images together as a video to be watched pretty good and it’s fun. I think this feature will be one of the most popular feature on Instagram.

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