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Instagram Stats You Have Never Heard Before 

Without a doubt, today’s world is centered around social media, if not having it as the most effective communication, advertising, boosting your business, sharing news, etc. Among the various social media platforms, Instagram has a great influence as it is among the highest platforms with many users. Having an Instagram account might be vital to your success as an individual, business owner, or company. However, one needs to understand how Instagram works and its current performance as a whole, and this will lead to planning and forming a better marketing strategy. 

In this article, we will discuss Instagram’s evolution and importance in depth by discussing a few Instagram statistics we believe are worth knowing. Let us have a look! 

An Overview of Instagram Statistics 

Before discussing Instagram statistics in a more focused way, we would like to shed light on general Instagram statistics to understand Instagram’s presence in the digital world of today. 

As of this year, Instagram is: 

  • Among the Top Ten most visited websites in the world. 
  • Among the Top Ten most Searched topics on Google. 
  • Among the most used social platforms, it occupies the Fourth place 
  • The number one app users download. 

What does this tell you as a marketer, content creator, or business owner? By targeting Instagram users, you are likely targeting the same users of other platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc. At the same time, you need to consider providing marketing content and campaign that suits website browsers, not only app users. Having this in mind, you can succeed in reaching a wider audience by providing custom-made marketing campaigns. 

Now, let us talk in-depth about what we believe are the most significant Instagram User stats. 

Instagram User Stats 

Instagram user statistics refer to the information about the Instagram audience, such as demographics, geographic info, and how this is distributed worldwide. 

Instagram’s 2 billion monthly active users have the following interesting facts: 

  • This year has witnessed a shift in gender user statistics from female-user dominant to male-dominant, with around 52% male users. 
  • It is the most preferred social platform globally among people aged 19-24, whereas it is the preferred platform for almost half of U.S. adults aged 18 and above. 
  • Women worldwide, aged between 24-35, consider Instagram their favorite platform. 
  • Despite a decline in the group age of 12-17 users for other platforms, Instagram reported a percentage of 61% of the same group who use its platform every week. 
  • After India, the host of the most Instagram users, with 249 million, comes the U.S., with 147 million users. 

As a marketer, familiarizing yourself with these statistics makes it easier for you to know what age group, under which gender, and in what location your marketing activities must address. 

Instagram Usage Statistics 

Instagram Usage Statistics refer to data related to how users use the platform. It is about the user behavior, the time they spend, and how often they use Instagram. 

Below are interesting facts about Instagram Usage Statistics: 

instagram usage statistics
  • Instagram users spend almost half a day monthly on Instagram, which means approximately 30 minutes per day. 
  • Marketer experts expect an increase from 17% of time spent on the platform to increase to 18.6% by 2024. 
  • Instagram Live recorded over 100 million watchers daily. 
  • Instagram Stories recorded 70% of viewers daily, whereas 40% of users post stories every day. 
  • Regular Instagram users mark around 31% of overall users. 
  • Photo Posts dominate Instagram content, as it is more than 70% of the overall content. 
  • Monthly, they are 130 million users click and interact with shopping posts. 
  • Almost 40% of users log in multiple times. 

Instagram Usage stats show the users’ patterns, so it is interesting to know what features users prefer the most, what grabs their attention, and what is considered more intriguing.  

Instagram Advertising Stats 

These ad statistics show data about users interacting with advertisements regarding their demographics, geographics, behaviors, and patterns.  

Below are a few interesting data to mention: 

  • Instagram advertainment’s most targeted audience is aged 18-34, with a percentage of 61%. 
  • However, in Turkey, the audience age indicator changes to the group age 13 and older with a percentage of 76%. This makes Turkey the highest user number of ad penetration in the world, followed by Argentina and Brazil, with 66.5% and 65.9%, respectively. 
  • Instagram enjoys a steady increase among other platforms in terms of advertisement revenue. It comes second after Facebook, and its revenue is foreseen to reach around 50 billion by the end of this year. 
  • Instagram ad’s C.P.M. is on a continuous increase. It has over 50% increment over the last three years, which means advertising is getting increasingly expensive on Instagram. 

The last point urges marketers to keep up with Instagram statistics to create advertisements that match their target audience to benefit and gain revenue instead of costly advertisements with less effective results. 

Instagram Demographic Stats 

Instagram demographic statistics are probably one of the most interesting and important data, as they reveal the diversity of Instagram’s large user base. 

It shows the different age groups that range from teenagers to seniors with different interests and purposes for each. It is also the eye of marketers who wish to market to global or international audiences to understand people’s needs, interests, and behaviors in a specific location. 

Let us discover a few facts and data about Instagram demographic stats; 

  • 21% of Gen Z in the U.S. consume Instagram Reels weekly. 
  • 87% of Instagram users are non-US residents. 
  • Less than 6% of US-based users are aged between 13-17, whereas 5% is the percentage of US-based Instagram users aged above 75 years. 
  • Instagram senior users use Instagram to reconnect with friends, whereas teenagers use Instagram to keep up with the latest trends. 
  • In Turkey, Instagram users contribute to 59.4% of its total population. 
  • Turkey’s group aged 25-34 has more male users than women, making Instagram users male-dominant.  
  • Aside from the age group of 25-34, Instagram gender distribution worldwide is 16.4% for men and 14.8 % for women. 
  • The age group 18-24 years contributes to 31% worldwide. 
  • Out of the entire world population, 17.6% are Instagram users. 

Demographic data is essential to know how to attract your target audience to your content by making it more appealing by considering each age group’s interests. 

Instagram Influencer Statistics 

Instagram influencer stats refer to the general statistics for Instagram influencer followers. It shows the effect of influencers on Instagram and how they manage to receive more engagements. 

Here are a few interesting data as of this year; 

  • The highest engagement rate of 2.53% belongs to the Nano-Influencers. Nano influencer refers to influencers with less than 10,000 followers. 
  • The second highest engagement rate is 1.06%, belonging to Micro-Influencers, with a maximum of 100,000 follower count. 
  • The third highest engagement rate is 0.91%, belonging to Mid-Influencers with between 10,000 and 500,000 followers. 
  • Comes at fourth place, Mega-Influencers, who have a million+ followers with an engagement rate of 0.92%, followed by Macro-influencers, who have over 100,000 followers with an engagement rate of 0.86%. 

Instagram Story Stats 

This type of Instagram Stats refers to the metrics that provide insights into Instagram Story’s performance and engagement.  

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Here are a few data of this year’s Instagram story stats: 

instagram story stats
  • Every day, around 500 million users use the Instagram Story feature. 
  • Daily, around 86.6% of Instagram users post stories. 
  • Millennials contribute to 60% of Instagram users who view or publish stories. 
  • 31% of brands allocate Instagram Storie for their ads. 
  • Stories with audio have 2.70% of users who view it with sounds on. 
  • The average story number posted by the most active brands is 17 stories monthly. 
  • A potential ad audience for Instagram stories is 996 million. 
  • A decline in recent years has been recorded in Instagram story’s reach and retention. 
  • The most popular story format is the short narrative type. 

As a marketer, you must remember that Instagram story statistics are significant and relevant. For example, noticing a decline in Instagram reach or comparing ads in stories to those in posts is not enough to decide how to frame and create your marketing activities. You need to consider your target audience’s behaviors and preferences first. For example, if your audience’s first preference is browsing and viewing stories, then for sure, having your ads as a story is more relevant. You can interested in our Buy Real Instagram Story Views service.

Instagram Reels Stats 

Instagram Reel stats are the various data and metrics that provide insights into the performance and engagement of content posted on Instagram Reels.  

Here are a few data on Instagram Reels Stats for this year: 

  • An increase of 57.4% on Instagram Reels Usage. 
  • Among other Instagram content and features, Reels mark the highest reach. 
  • Reels have the highest impression among other Instagram features. 
  • For the accounts with a small follower count, the Reels reach is higher than other accounts. 
  • Instagram Reels enjoy the highest engagement rate and the most likes compared to other Instagram features and content. 
  • Instagram Reels’ potential ad audience is 726.8. 
  • Men Reels audience percentage is 54.7%, whereas 45.3% is women’s. 
  • The age group of 18-34 is the majority of Instagram Reels Ads audience. 
  • Instagram users tend to create videos such as Reels more than any other feeds, contributing to 35.9% of all posts on Instagram feed. 
  • For sports brands, Reels are the most popular feature. 
  • Watching Reels drives more purchasing, direct messaging, and followers. A study shows that 77% of Reels viewers have responded to the required action, 82 % have followed the account after viewing the Reel, and 74% interact with the account by direct messages. 

From these statistics, we can notice the impact Reels have and how useful they can be if used properly and correctly. 

Instagram Stats for Business 

Instagram stats for business refer to various data points and metrics that provide insights into the performance, audience engagement, and overall impact of business activities on the Instagram platform.

The latest Instagram stats for business are as below: 

  • Instagram business accounts count for over 200 million accounts. 
  • Instagram is the first choice for people to connect with their favorite brands. 
  • Monthly, there is an increase of followers’ number for Instagram Business account of 0.98%. 
  • 70% of online shoppers consider using Instagram for their next purchase. 
  • The second most popular activity on Instagram is searching and following brands. 
  • 90% of Instagram users follow a brand or a business account. 
  • Instagram online store leads go to the U.S. online stores with 86% of Instagram accounts, followed by the U.K. with 81%, and Germany comes third with 75%. 
  • A business account for brands gives them more credibility, as 61% of Instagram users believe. 
  • Around 81% of Instagram users search for new products and services using the Instagram platform. 
  • Around 98% of fashion businesses use Instagram for marketing activities. 
  • Monthly, 150+ users communicate with their brands on Instagram. 
  • Every week, 68% of Instagram users visit the platform to communicate with creators. 
  • Acquiring potential customers via Instagram is a common practice among marketers. Stat shows that around 93% of marketers depend on Instagram to get potential customers. 
  • 38% of Instagram users trust brand content, while 61% trust influencers. 
  • The branded stories watch rate is 67%. 
  • The growth of follower numbers on a monthly basis on Instagram for Business accounts is 1.79%+. 

Marketing for your business on Instagram is getting more popular year by year, so it is essential to update yourself with recent data so that your business account can survive the fierce competition on social media for business marketing. You can learn more about Instagram business from Instagram Support.

Conclusion to Instagram Stats

It is important to mention here that alongside understanding how these metrics and statistics work, businesses need to optimize their content by understanding how Instagram SEO works as well. Covering both will ensure a full picture to businesses and marketers so that they can design a more relevant, appealing, and SEO-friendly marketing strategy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

The engagement rate in Instagram refers to the measure of Instagram user’s interaction with the account’s activities such as posts, reels, and stories. It is calculated by dividing the number of likes, saves, shares, and comments by the number of followers. 

Depending on the number of followers, there are four main influencer types: Nano-influencers with 1-10k, Micro-Influencers with 10-100k, Macro influencers with 100k-1million, and Mega-Influencers with over a million-follower base. 

Monitoring advertising metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS) can help businesses assess the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, refine their targeting strategies, and optimize their advertising investments for better results. 

Businesses can use Instagram user statistics to refine their content, advertising, and engagement strategies, ensuring they effectively reach and resonate with their target audience, ultimately driving brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. 

 Businesses can leverage Instagram usage statistics to understand user behavior, optimize their content schedule, and create content that aligns with the platform’s usage patterns, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement with their target audience. 

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