Reporting an Instagram Problem: How to Report (a Guide)

Reporting an Instagram Problem: How to Report (a Guide)

Report an Instagram problem is very easy. You can easily communicate any problems you experience on Instagram to the platform’s technical support team.

Instagram carefully examines everything reported and makes sure it returns. Instagram analyzes and finalizes the each report you send in detail.

Please note that Instagram processes every complaint. Any problems you experience on Instagram can be forwarded to the authorities, allowing the application to be improved. So, it’s quite important.

How to Report Instagram problems?

Report a Problem on Instagram

You can use this feature when your account is compromised by malicious people when you are annoyed by someone, when you see spam accounts, or when you want to provide feedback or suggestions about the application.

To report a problem on Instagram, just go to the Help Page and report it!

Even if you do this from the application, it will redirect you to the web page.

Because you cannot do this through the application, you can do it only from the official Instagram website’s help page.

How to Report Instagram Problems?

Don’t you know how to report Instagram problems? Let us explain to you in detail.

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile section.
  2. Tap on the 3 lines with dots at the top right corner of the app.
  3. Click on SUPPORT link, and tap on “Report a problem.”
  4. Select which topic you want to comment on and write a detailed description. And send it.

That’s it! The form you sent reached the Instagram technical support team. In the next process, wait for the return about the report you sent.

  • You can do this from the Instagram application (iOS and Android) or from the website.
  • All submissions you make via the application are made by connecting directly to the website.
  • Only the link from the Instagram application is redirected.

Why I Should Report an Instagram Problem?

If you want to fix a problem on Instagram, you must report it.

Otherwise, you will continue to experience these problems and the problems that are experiencing will continue to increase. Do not think that if I complain, there will be no measures.

Instagram reaches and resolves each report that you make. You can rely on Instagram customer service.

They do their best to ensure the security of the users and the proper functioning of the application.

You can be sure of that, it helps to fix all the problems. Instagram will give you a report number so that you can track each report you send.

With this report number, you can monitor the situation of your complaint and the whole process.

When your complaint is processed or resolved, you receive an email notification. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can create a new Instagram report and provide more detailed information so that it can be resolved.

What Can You Report on Instagram?

There are certain occasions that you can report on Instagram. These occasions can be a direct reason to report an account and get it banned by the administration. Of course, you have to avoid creating these occasions if you don’t want to be banned by Instagram.

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Instagram has community guidelines and terms of use that bring a perspective on the posts that can be shared. First of all, Instagram does not let any content, comments, or profiles that are inappropriate and against these community guidelines and terms of use. Here is a list of what you can report on Instagram:

Stolen Accounts

If your account is stolen, you can report it to Instagram. Yet, there are still some solutions you can apply before reporting this issue. You can change your password or send yourself a password renewal mail. If you cannot work it out by changing your password, you can contact Instagram and request the administration to step in to save your account.

Fake Accounts

Fake accounts are a common problem on Instagram, especially if they are imitating your account. If you want Instagram to solve this issue, you have to prove that you are yourself. To report a fake account, read our article to find out how to do it.

Underage Kids

If you come across an underage kid on Instagram, you can report him/her. People that are younger than 13 years old are not allowed to use Instagram. If you are suspicious about such accounts, or if your underage child is using Instagram without your permission, you can report it. You can also report if you come across a fake account that is imitating your child.

Your Personal and Private Information Shared by Others

If you come across information that is personal or private on Instagram, you can report it to the administration.

Other Issues

We have mentioned some of the most common problems that may require you to reporting a problem on Instagram. Here are some other problems that you can report:

  • Hate accounts,
  • Situations against intellectual property,
  • Self harm,
  • Abuse and spam,
  • Using of an account of someone who is passed away,
  • Sexual assault or crimes, and many other.

Reporting a Problem in Short

We have explained how to report a problem on Instagram. We have also mentioned what you can report on Instagram. Yet, you can still report a problem manually by writing your problems such as an outage or other issues.

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    Len Vacca

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    Can’t like posts from friends
    Media ads that pay are taking over Instagram and Facebook that causes problems
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    Ester Pelayo Martinez

    I did a police Report, Do to My IG account being hacked they are scamming people in my account My IG account is : Misspelayomartinezofficial This is the Police Number Report# LKD20114-0368 I spoke with officer Aguilar M. – 659813 the police told me to give this to u they are aware of wats going on please all I want is for my account to be deleted

    • Insta Followers
      Insta Followers

      We’re a private blog, unfortunately we cannot do anything in the name of Instagram.

  6. Bhushan loknar
    Bhushan loknar

    Today the account was going to start yet it has not happened I beg you start my account

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  10. Kiran Bird
    Kiran Bird

    Reporting an Instagram problem is the easy part. What’s difficult is the response you will receive. They usually get back to you after a few days.

  11. Nastaran

    Hi, There Is some problem with my Instagram account

    someone reports Me As a spammer wrongly And i found an unfair limitation on my account

    Would you please fix problem

    My UserName: Your username

  12. Akahs Adhikry
    Akahs Adhikry

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    It says try again later we restrict certain activity to protect our community and I’m reporting on report a problem area in instagram but it says report submission failed tap to retry uploading the report.i can’t fix it,i can’t understand please help me.

    • raghavi sudhakar
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      We are not able to report a problem on instagram!! It says,” report submission failed tap to try again”! Wate the issue!?

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    Instagram thinked i’m fake
    There’s hacker hacked my account and banned my account 30 days!!
    I did nothing to this happened to me ??
    I’m a fan and have business account and tired of edit please ??

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      Hello, we explain the steps to get your hacked account back on our article: How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account. Please take a look.



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      Hi, you can read our article about Instagram’s not refreshing issue. Hope it will be helpful.

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    • Dennis

      Hello, you can try to reopen your Instagram account by sending a photo of yourself holding your ID to Instagram. It is a way of verifying that the account belongs to you.

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    This old Vietnam veteran would appreciate any help Marine Corps combat 66-68 in country


    • Dennis

      Hello Richard, maybe you have violated the terms of use of Instagram. If that’s the case, you need to appeal.

  25. Sahil ganjve
    Sahil ganjve

    Report a problem please help me

  26. Sahil ganjve
    Sahil ganjve


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      The ”Something Went Wrong” error usually occurs when logging in. Are you having a login problem or does Instagram show you the same error when you try to unrestrict your friend?

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      Hello Pherank, have you tried searching about your problem on the Instagram Help page?