Instagram Refresh Feed Problem and How to Fix it

Instagram is a great social media application that allows to you share your life and work throughout internet. Most of time, Instagram works properly and in fast way. But as like other apps, you can face some problems. One of the problems that you can come across is “couldn’t refresh feed” error on Instagram. In this article, you will find the reasons and solving methods to that problem

1.Internet Connection Problem

Mostly, the reason why your feed is not loading is caused by poor internet connection. Because of that, check your internet connection to solve the problem. Even internet connection works properly, overloading on internet or fluctuations on internet connection can be causes of the problem.

2.Instagram Update

In order to use Instagram without any trouble, you must use the last version of Instagram. So, be sure about you use Instagram with updates. Try to use Instagram in your computer and check whether or not you can access your Instagram without any trouble.

3. Phone Fault

The reason can be your cell phone. Restart your cell phone and try to use Instagram again. If your problem continues, check to use Instagram in any other device. Sometimes, your phone has trouble to connect to Internet properly and it can be reason not to use Instagram

4. Banned Account on Instagram

Lastly, being banned from Instagram is one of the reasons to “couldn’t’ refresh feed” error. Look at your last posts and comments. If you ban from Instagram, you couldn’t see feed has trouble to connect to Internet properly and it

If your problem still goes on, try to communicate to Instagram. Write to support service of Instagram and describe the problem with explanation about that you try all of the way which is listed above. You will be answered in 24 hours after you send your help request.

Instagram Refresh Feed Problem and How to Fix it
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