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Instagram Reels Algorithm: How It Works? 

Short, trending musical videos are worldwide and on social media. Well, we can say that TikTok has led the way with that type of content. However, it is not the only option. Instagram reels have become the biggest competitor of TikTok, and it continues to grow daily. Here are some quick facts for you so that you can understand how influential Instagram reels are.  

The Instagram Reels videos create 67% more engagement when it is compared to standard Instagram videos. Also, according to our sources, 9 out of 10 Instagram users are spending their time on Instagram reels. The most-watched Instagram reel views are 289 million. Thus, if you are thinking about marketing on Instagram without planning for Instagram reels, then we can say that you are bound to fail. However, if your answer is completely opposite, today we prepared an article for you! While you are reading, you will learn about what Instagram reels are, how you can make use of the Instagram reels algorithm, and how you can improve your Instagram reels views. So, without further ado, let’s start our journey with the Instagram Reel Algorithm!  

What Are Instagram Reels? 

Instagram Reels are short-form videos with the purpose of entertainment. Instagram Reels, which were introduced in 2020 as a rival to TikTok, let content producers add music, sound effects, stickers, filters, and other extras to make entertaining, interesting short films.  

On its base, it is similar to TikTok, adding effects, music, and setting the trends. What makes it more engaging is that it is embedded in the Instagram application itself. That’s why people spend most of their time on Instagram. They can watch videos, save them, and like their friends’ pictures all at the same time!  

How Does the Instagram Reels Algorithm Work? 

As it is with all the other social media platforms, the Instagram reels algorithm decides who watches what. It might sound confusing, but with the correct strategies, you can easily reach your target audience in a short time.  

The application lets users see what their following accounts post as reels on their main page. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that you can only watch who you are following. You can watch any video all around the world (based on the Instagram reel algorithm – we will get to that) from two sections.  

  • The Instagram Reels Tab: This is basically the Instagram version of TikTok’s ‘For You’ page. You can click on the reel icon at the bottom bar of the application and scroll down until you get tired of watching.  
  • The Explore Tab: Instagram’s Explore page is one of the major features that divides it from the other applications and also influences others in one way or another. You can also see some sections given for Instagram reels on that page. There, people can engage with reels.  

Some specifications adjust and lead the Instagram reel algorithm. Now let’s look at what those are respectively. Also, don’t forget to check the Instagram stats you have never heard before.



On the base, the Instagram reels algorithm works by pursuing user affinity. In other words, Instagram follows what you like and don’t like. Then, the algorithm recommends similar videos to what you liked earlier. Well, you might be thinking about how Instagram can understand what I liked or not. It depends on the hashtags on the reel you like. Moreover, AI can analyze your video by its pixels, frames, and sounds.  


It is hard to achieve, but it is one of the crucial factors that decide what to watch on Instagram reels. Instagram will assume you have something unique that other users will find interesting if you have a following of engaged users and regularly shareable and liked posts. 


Being up to date-and posting new reels is crucial for the Instagram reel algorithm. The application itself won’t be posting the old videos on and on. You need to share new ones regularly so that you can keep up with the Instagram reels algorithm.  



As we say all the time, interaction with your followers is the number one rule for your branding, marketing, popularity, and, of course, Instagram reels algorithm. Does someone track you down and use your name to find your account? Do you comment on each other’s posts or send messages? In your posts, do you tag one another? Instagram pays attention to those details so that it can suggest your new reels to those users. You can buy Instagram views for your video posts!

Optimizing Content for the Reels Algorithm 

We discussed how the Instagram reels algorithm works. From all the things we say, it can be understood that Instagram prefers new, engaging, entertaining, and relevant videos for its users. Well, how do you make one of those reels, then? If you are asking that question, don’t worry. Here are four strategies you can use to optimize your content according to the Instagram reel algorithm. You can also buy Instagram Reels views for your reels! 

Create Quality Content 

According to Instagram creators’ account (@creators), currently, real people are deciding and looking through ‘what is best’ on reels. Thus, you may want to be careful about what to post or not. What you can do is you should try your best to create engaging and quality videos to keep up with the trends. For example, if you post about your job, you can create reels about your daily routine in an office or interesting facts about it. If you have interesting hobbies and skills, please do share reels about them. There is always an audience for your interests. You can also learn how to use AI for Instagram to create new content!  

use the right hashtags for your Instagram reels posts

Use The Right Hashtags 

Hashtags are one of the creators’ best sources of popularity and engagement. So, for Instagram Reels, you may want to use a handful of hashtags so that you can increase your Instagram Reels views. According to our tests, using a bunch of hashtags that are related to and describing your video is the best one. With the help of those, AI can detect what your video is about and what entails it, and accordingly, suggest to users that are related to the same niche.  

Use Trending Music 

Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels now set the standards and trends for the music. There, you can see lots of trending music or rhythms. If you have realized, the trending, sound-included ones always get higher Instagram Reel views. Thus, using those is another way to get popular and gain engagement on Instagram.  

Follow Instagram’s Recommendation Guidelines 

Instagram has lots of opportunities and resources for users and creators so that they can create engaging content for their audience. One of them is its Recommendation Guidelines. So, check the Instagram Help Center. There, you can see many important guidelines and principles for your content. Instagram gives great importance to having a violence-free platform without spreading any misinformation. Thus, before posting something, we suggest reading those guidelines carefully.  

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The Creators post another guideline for your account on Instagram. In an Instagram Post, they basically shared a list of strategies so that users can create high-quality Instagram reels. If our article is insufficient for you, we recommend you go to the post and read those strategies carefully.  

The New Way of Engagement: Instagram Reels!  

To summarize, today, we discussed what is Instagram reels and how the Instagram reels algorithm works so that you can gain popularity. TikTok might have opened the way for short-format videos, but we can say that Instagram is coming after it and going hard on that road!  

As we can conclude, the basics of optimizing and reels views are to create relevant, new, engaging, and fun videos so that your audience can enlarge. You can make use of trending songs, rhythms, music, or hashtags on that road. No matter what you do, focus on creating high-quality videos for your account.  

Lastly, we recommend to all of you that you should be careful about Instagram Guidelines. Instagram is taking things very seriously, and you don’t want your video to be removed with small mistakes. Be careful and obey the rules. Then, you will unlock the first step for high-quality, engaging content!  

Frequently Asked Questions About

As it is the same with the posts and stories, Instagram bases interaction for most of the algorithms. If a user is interacting with your content, they are more likely to see your reels on their explore page.

Even though we say to regularly post new reels to be up-to-date, you shouldn’t bore your followers with lots of reels. We think one reel a day is more than enough.

According to our data, 9 AM and 12 PM, Monday to Thursday, is the best time to post an Instagram reel. 

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