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Instagram Profile Picture: Tips & Creative Ideas

Instagram Profile Picture: Tips & Creative Ideas

Instagram is taking the world by storm, so everyone wants to get some Instagram profile picture tips. Regardless of if you’re a business owner, a promoter, or the product itself, if you want to make it in the new world, you have to be on Instagram, and you have to get attention to have followers. Why? Because Instagram has over 1 billion daily users. That’s a lot of people!

How to Make Instagram Profile Picture

You may want to create a new profile photo for your Instagram account. There is nothing better than creating a new layout to revive and refresh your account. You may be wondering how to change your Instagram profile photo. If you’re on a quest to learn what to watch out for and tips for creating the best profile picture, we’ll help you out. We covered all the tips and important details in our article.

Instagram Profile Picture Size

Uploading profile photos using the right photo size for Instagram is a significant detail. If the photo you upload is too big or too small, it will not be uploaded to your profile clearly. This can also create a bad profile photo image. The maximum size of profile pictures you can upload to Instagram should be 10MB. With Instagram profile picture viewer, you can check your Instagram profile picture size easily.

profile picture tips

Instagram Profile Picture Tips

In this article, we will discuss the most important thing about Instagram that you can optimize to gain followers: cool profile pictures. Because yes, people do judge a book by its cover; we all do it. Looks are the most important thing that people look at when deciding whether to like you or your product or completely ignore it.

Crop Your Image

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, make sure to adjust your profile pics according to the Instagram dimensions.

profile picture size

Profile Picture Size

  • Instagram’s profile pic sizes are small. It’s 110×110 pixels.
  • Its photo thumbnails are 161×161.
  • Even though regular posts are 1080×1080, your profile picture shouldn’t be overly high-definition.

If it is, you have to crop it yourself first. Because if you don’t, Instagram will. And believe me, it’ll look much better if you crop it. It’s all aesthetics. It also crops the profile pic into a circle, so keep that in mind too. You can take a look at our article about social media image sizes if you want to find out more about other platforms.

Show Your Face

You should definitely use your own photo on your Instagram profile. This creates a better effect on your account and also on the people who follow you. Try to show your face unless you’re managing a full business account. People are creatures of empathy. For people to like you or like what you do, they need to see you first.

Use Your Logo

If you have created an Instagram account for a business account, you will definitely need to put the brand’s logo on your profile photo. This is an important detail to define the brand and create eye familiarity. And if you want your account to get suggested more on Instagram, buy Instagram profile visits to win over the algorithm.

Tidy Your Background

Make sure that the background you take your profile photo is neat and clean. Nobody likes to see a messy profile picture. Use clear pfp, it’s a good profile image.

Photo Shoot Conditions

The environment in your profile picture matters more than you think. You have to choose colors that match or at least a single color in the background. Also, try not to use flash much and avoid all white and harsh lights. You’d like to have a softer, warmer profile picture.

The warmer your Instagram profile picture looks, the more followers you will get.

No Selfies

You should always be the focus of your profile photo. Try to pay attention to this; people want to see you clearly in your profile picture. Even though some selfies are fun and cute, try to avoid making a selfie your profile picture if you want to look professional. Your phone’s front camera may distort how your face looks and end up making you look worse. You don’t want that. Ask for someone to take a picture of you instead.

Show Values and the Product

The best way to make people understand you is just to show them. Show them your product in your picture, behind or next to you. If you’re not a business account, just show them what you care about. It can be anything you think is cool. They’ll appreciate the sincerity.

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If you have more questions about your profile, check the Instagram Help page for more information.


Here we are at the end of this article. I hope this helped you in any way that’s possible or at least put a smile on your face. We hope you can find the perfect Instagram profile picture after these tips. Don’t forget what is important for you and show them to your followers. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

This error usually comes when your Instagram app is outdated. Try updating your Instagram app and retry; it should work.

Instagram resizes the picture you select to 110×110 px. If your profile picture’s resolution is too high, resizing it may make the photo blurry or low-quality. Always try to optimize your profile picture yourself before uploading it on Instagram. 

As said above, Instagram profile pictures get displayed at 110×110 px with an aspect ratio of 1:1, centered, and circled on the edges. Although you shouldn’t post a picture with extremely high dimensions, neither should your profile picture have dimensions lower than 1000x1000px or in formats like PNG since that also can reduce its quality.

Unfortunately, re-editing an uploaded profile picture is not supported by Instagram as of today. If you have to re-adjust or edit something on your profile picture after posting it, you have to change it with the edited version. 

Although there isn’t an option or feature on Instagram that lets you add a logo to your profile picture, you can use other image editing tools to add a logo to your profile picture beforehand and publish it that way.

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